Monday, April 6, 2009

Barretts Park - South of Dillon, MT

This little park was totally unexpected. I needed water and was told by Doug that it was available at a truck stop/convenience store combo. As I was exiting this short road, I noticed the park right across and decided on the spur of the moment to check it out. It was truly delightful and I stayed a couple of days. I'm so happy that I took some pictures. I would hesitate to call it a destination for an extended stay, although the limit is 14 days. But it did turn out to be a pleasant surprise. The park is next to the Beaverhead River. Actually, lots of people dive right from this red bridge. Oh... and it's free.

Overlooking the river is a beautiful rock formation. I was a tad lazy and never looked for its name. It might be the Beaverhead? When I visit next, I'll make a point to find out what it's called.


Anonymous said...

It's called Barrett Rock. I grew up in Dillon and spent many a happy day there as a kid. Am getting married there next year. :)

Jeanette Baker said...

I grew up in Dillon too, and was there to visit recently, and my boyfriend proposed to me there next to the river! I knew I always liked that place!

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