Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From Temis to Tequis

I was born in Temiscouata, hence Temis. The news is. . . that I have elected to establish myself in Tequisquiapan, known as Tequis, in the central part of colonial Mexico.  Actually, elected might be a misnomer—life simply happened, as plans to recover full use of my right arm were a tad presumptuous. Further surgery might be necessary. . . if I can stand more pain. . . that’s life!

As much as I would like to comment on the full-timer life, it will have to wait for a full disclosure, a chapter in itself. I will endeavour to keep it concise and as brief as possible. And realistic. Later. 

Not that I will abandon rv’ing. Just not full-time because of the handicap. Right now though, I want to rant and rave about Tequisquiapan. George, of vagabonders_supreme, loved Tequis enough to spend a full month here. The climate is the kind one dreams of after a lifetime spent in the snowbound Great White North. Flowers abound everywhere. I swear that if you stuck a bare stick in the soil, within a couple of weeks you’d have growth.

While my motor home is temporarily secured in my neighbour’s back yard, I am busy settling in my little “casita”.  Cleaning, painting, picking furniture, decorating, I’m having a one-armed ball! Once my project is completed, I’ll have lots of photos of Tequis and my delicious abode to publish, for a start. For the impatient ones, I’d suggest you Google Tequisquiapan to get an idea of the place. 

On the back burner for a couple of months is rv’ing. The choice of destinations makes me almost delirious. From the Yucatan and warm waters of the Caribbean, to a plethora of archaeological sites, silent witnesses of life thousands of years past, to the rain forest, to villages where a craft has been passed on through generations for 500 years or more, to the awesome beaches on the Pacific, I will be rv’ing for YEARS! And I will publish photos and commentaries of every place, it’s a promise. Vagabonding is in one’s blood. As a descendant of sea-faring invading Vikings, so it is in mine. So I will keep it up with the difference that I will have a home to come back to. In a sense, I’ll be getting the best of both worlds.

Hasta luego!

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Anonymous said...

So-o-o when do we get to see pix of the casita and your new pueblo? Tioga and George are headed back to the mountains for a while. Perhaps you should check with him.

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