Monday, June 21, 2010

Bouncing Back

There's one good thing about hitting rock bottom; it's a surface hard enough to let you kick down and bounce right back. I have an intimate knowledge of this, as I'm sure many have. The bevy of problems that have plagued me since some time in May is slowly receding much as dark clouds after a heavy downpour. . .

I now have internet access after I returned my modem to Telcel in San Juan. They supplied me with a temporary replacement while mine is repaired. I'll get it back on July 8th. There's only one problem with the replacement modem--I can't get Skype with it. 

Now, as to the generator, my friend's husband (not the previous one. . . please!) took a look at it and declared the problems all fixable preferably by a Honda tech. There's one in San Juan. A clogged up carburetor needs cleaning and adjusting; it's not easily accessible behind everything so the generator will have to be unscrewed and lowered on a jack. What caused the problems? I'm told that the gasoline here is not too clean and that the gasoline/air ratio has to be adjusted to a leaner mix for the altitude above 6000 feet. In the future, using a higher octane gasoline should prevent this kind of problem. Also,

I must use only Honda parts (oil filter and spark plugs) on the generator. A project for next month. Not useable now, too great a fire risk.

I was despairing of ever finding an all-around capable builder/handyman/mason. My good friend Guadalupe talked to her neighbour Ismael about working for me. I was going to say "coming to my rescue" is more what it felt like. He built his own two floor house by himself and I can see the results, quite remarkable, right across from my place. He'll start next week on the bodega coating the walls and roof with cement to waterproof them and give the bodega a finished look. He helped me out last week by building a door for the fence and a roof next to my RV to replace the defunct awning. Photos just as soon as I've done the painting. I hope that finally I have found someone who won't let me down either by slacking off or decreasing the quality of his work after the initial gung-ho start.

I have to make adjustments to my plans once more. I'm now working on plan number 3. I'll need some advice and will get it next week when Ismael begins work. 

For this week though I have my work cut out. Painting the wood posts for the new "awning" and a ton of clothes to wash by hand. I'd better get going.

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Evelyn Margaret said...

Hooray! It's great that you don't "wait" for things to get better - you take action. WTG. I love your line "There's one good thing about hitting rock bottom; it's a surface hard enough to let you kick down and bounce right back."


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