Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Short Hiatus before the Holidays

Sorry folks, I don't have much to report. We have had a really bad cold spell, with the night temps dropping below the freezing mark for well over a week. As a result, most of my potted plants have died. So far the palm tree and palmettos are valiantly surviving this very unusual cold. My schefflera, very dead. The days are gloriously sunny and warm, though.

I have to renew my FM3 visa, which always necessitates many trips to Querétaro. Also, for variety and better prices, I have been shopping at San Juan del Rio and the trips back and forth are very time-consuming. Hence my silence, which I hope you'll forgive. I may not post until later in December. I'll be replacing my flooring in the rig. Yuk!

Once it's finished, I'll post photos. Take care!


Anonymous said...

take some pics of the floor replacement

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Stargazer!

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