Saturday, January 1, 2011

To Readers

I am deeply touched every time I realize that a new reader has joined my blog. Thank you for your interest.

Years ago, someone very dear to my heart had scoffed at my intention to publish a blog. Not very original. . . I was told. So, for a very long time I had repressed this desire out of fear of rejection or scorn or complete lack of interest from anyone who would come across it. Until I realized that even if I could please no one other than myself, I owed it to this life-long desire to write to dare put my little words out there. Regardless of consequences. As you can surmise from this, your interest is extremely rewarding and warms my heart in so many ways. I thank you for it.

From that decision, and through both my blogs I do hope that my testimony will encourage many others to step out of the box and DARE fulfil their heart’s desire. I do acknowledge that both my chosen activities as a solo woman boondocker first, and writing about it and about other interests second, are essentially solitary pursuits. However, I want to state here that, in some strange way, both activities have brought me a measure of closeness to many people out there. I have become aware of dreams and projects and plans of many and have felt myself sharing in those and wishing for their realization. After all, I had done so myself for so many years. A totally unexpected bonus!

Now, about moving to Mexico, I need to share here a concept that I had developed years ago through trial and error. Regardless of where one is born or educated, regardless of where life sometimes brings one to other places or lands, I think that for everyone there is a special spot where one’s body and soul feel totally AT HOME. To feel good in one’s skin, to be authentic to oneself, very little else can bring such ease and contentment. And how can one experience pleasure and happiness without first being at ease and content with how and where one lives? I was once accused of choosing adventure over security, when I had it. Perhaps. But the security that a house and a mortgage provided was somewhat fleeting to me. They were necessary to provide security for a family, period.  Even as a house owner (albeit with the bank) it simply didn’t do it for me alone. I felt ensconced in someone else’s definition of happiness. A house is not always a home while an RV, contrary to some beliefs, can truly be a home. It’s all in the eyes (and heart) of the beholder.

After years of RV’ing, which had brought me much pleasure and contentment, I had a need for a more stationary home, but where?For me, when I finally encountered it, it has been this area where the past and tradition are not impositions but a hallmark of true authenticity. This respect for the past joined with an acceptance of and an adaptation to the new are for me an ideal combination. Here I do experience the greatest ease of living and it has nothing to do with wealth, which incidentally is neither a goal nor a necessity to enjoy life. At least mine. After these many years, and for a while, I’m still boondocking in an older RV. However, I need not feel restricted or condemned to a lifestyle for lack of funds. I gave up the house for the RV. Now, I’m ready to give up the RV for a (modest) house in a place that provides me with decided enjoyment. Here is the extraordinary possibility to end my days in MY home (not yet built, but it doesn’t matter) after years of vagabonding. In short, I found my SPOT! And I’m following MY bliss. . .

To sum it all up, I took to heart Joseph Campbell’s admonition to “Follow Your Bliss”. It has been an exhortation that I always considered wise counsel. Nobody can or should decide or define what will make someone else happy and content. It is a totally unique endeavour that is quite legal as long as it does not involve hurting anyone else. Also, it’s quite normal for it to change with time, and I accepted it. And this, for all of you dear readers, is my heartfelt wish for all who may not yet have experienced it! May you find Your Bliss and live as many years as you wish enjoying it!

Let 2011 be The Year!


Stargazer said...

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Anonymous said...

I understand choosing adventure over security. I'm just trying to convince a Southern Gentleman who thinks it is his duty to provide for my security. We're trying to work out a compromise :)

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