Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trigger to a Trip to the Past

I have been immersed in a Michener book—Alaska. What hardships dealing with the extreme cold, the ice, and the snow. And I recalled  an email I received last winter at about this time in February, when I was in the Desert Southwest. It was about a veritable avalanche of snow that had just engulfed Quebec City. It reminded me of the TONS of snow that I did shovel back East.

I was asked a while back why I and others would choose to go away, far from family and friends. Here’s an answer worth thousands of words.

sans titre16

I wonder how the driver made it into the house…





This one found a way!

sans titre36   Probably not looking forward to melting time?

sans titre26






Wondering where to start?

Then, where and how to dispose of the white stuff?

sans titre20sans titre34

Here are some people who can handle things with humour!

sans titre24sans titre31






And one who seems determined to go places… regardless!

sans titre22

I’m so happy, even in my somewhat restricted living conditions right now, to be away from the white stuff. 

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cruzin2some said...

Great Post!

We're looking forward to being on the road. Hopefully in June this year.

Travel Safe
Dawn & Denise

Stargazer said...

Isn't it great to have projects that not only bring pleasure, but foster personal growth, as well! As Campbell said so convincingly, "Follow your Bliss". It keeps one young.

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