Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blog Followers

My apologies. Google has been having a problem with listing all of you who follow my blog. I’m not even sure that you’ll be advised or have noticed that you have been all ungraciously erased. Neither am I sure whether you have received my latest posts. I hope that your info and details are still stored somehow and somewhere by Google. Just as I hope that you will be checking for new posts on my blog.

Google has been informed of this by all bloggers to whom it happened. We are told that their engineers are actively seeking a resolution to this problem. Right now, I have no way of re-installing anything. I have tried what some have done, e.g. removing the title and re-installing it. The result was disappointing.

I presume that you haven’t received any notice of either this or new posts. Usually, I see comments and haven’t for a few days now.

Please let me know whether you have been advised by Google of new posts or of that problem by sending me an email at

I miss you,


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Tesaje said...

I noticed blogs were acting up on the same day that Google suffered the latest attack from China so I suspect that their defensive maneuvers resulted in some losses and downtime. I wasn't able to leave a comment that day.

A downside to this cloud computing thing is the lack of good backup capabilities for things like blogs. That's why the personal computer took off in the first place. Cloud computing is little more than modern central computers that is what we had back in the days before the PC.

Stargazer said...

Thank you Tesaje,
I had absolutely no idea how or why it happened. At first, I thought it was an isolated incident but when I contacted Google, I realized that a large number of bloggers had been affected.
I do hope it will be resolved soon. As a follower, did you receive notice of a new post?

Tesaje said...

Yes, it did update.

Pleinguy said...

The loss of Followers seems to be related to the Internet Explorer browser. Your followers show up fine when using the Safari browser. Same is happening on my blog. True that this was not a problem prior to the recent Google issues. I expect they will find a solution eventually. I'm really liking the construction series. And, yes your dog tales are appreciated, as most love them, and how you have to deal with it there is helpful. You need not apologize for sharing. Hope your casita turns out magnifico.

Stargazer said...

Thank you, Pleinguy, for your encouragement. I'll have to ascribe the negative email to getting up on the wrong foot and facing a day getting worse. I'll play around with another browser. Perhaps Google? I'll let you know.

Stargazer said...

Just downloaded Google Chrome and once installed, found my Followers! And it's fast, too.
Thank you, Pleinguy

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