Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting on my Soapbox - Please Pardon Me


At times, I’ll ask for your indulgence. I just need to share my thoughts on things that are of vast importance to me. Last night, as a gentle rain fell, the pitter-patter on the roof of my RV brought me back to the many times that I’d be in some place, somewhere, listening to the falling rain and I would feel so cozy in my RV. How I appreciated my little shelter from the elements watching my dogs resting, confident that all was taken care of.

In the last few days, traveling back and forth to Tequis and San Juan, I’d noticed how almost dried up the corn crops were. Here, not everyone can afford an irrigation system. Rain is the only source of the blessed water without which no living things or creatures on Earth can survive. How elemental! Yet how tragic it can be when it’s lacking.

So I prayed and prayed some more. When the thunder clouds pugnaciously rolled in, I watched and rejoiced, grateful that the crops might still have a chance to survive.

I wrote this by hand last night by candlelight. There had not been sufficient sunny hours to fully replenish my batteries. But if the exchange might be full batteries VS saved crops, I’m all for the latter. My small inconvenience hardly measures up to the misery that could befall families without basic means of making the minimal staple of tortillas.

We get so used to our creature comforts. How spoiled we are. Sadly, it can foster a sense of entitlement. When many nations are yearning for something as basic as clean drinking water, how much we take so many blessings for granted.

So, last night, I said thank you for the rain clouds, thank you for the life sustaining water without which our lives would be forsaken. While we may not be in a position to share at large, perhaps we can pray with genuine concern and pure love for our fellow human beings. That they may be blessed with some of what we take for granted.

OK. Now I feel better for sharing these thoughts. Whenever I need to do so, I’ll warn you that I’m getting on my soapbox. At times, I just have to please myself, if no one else.

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Bob said...

We can never say thank you enough! And I beleive in the power of prayer too! God Bless.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Gratitude is powerful. It's no wonder it is part of so many belief systems, with or without gods.

And, was there enough rain to make a difference to the crops?


Stargazer said...

I will have to check it out when I next go to Tequis. Today Sunday, we have more rain. I do hope it's making a difference. I'll post it when I travel to Tequis in the next couple days.

Stargazer said...

A quick update on the crops. Today was a beautiful sunny day and I had to go to Tequis. Checked on the crops. Some fields look pitifully bare save for a few stalks valiantly looking up to the sun. Others were flooded. The fields of calabasas (zucchinis of a lighter shade) were sporting tons of yellow flowers. Something will yet be salvaged. If you had any prayerful thoughts about this, THANK YOU.

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