Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Post Notification–Followers

I sinned by ignorance. I had assumed that once a reader has signed up as a Follower of a blog, it automatically ensured notification whenever a new post was published. Wrong.

So I had to correct this. I have added an option just above the caption Followers to allow readers to be notified whenever a new post is published. This will save time as I assume that every follower had to check the blog each time just to find out whether something new had been added. Just enter the email address at which you wish to receive notification. You will be asked by email to confirm to Feedburner your subscription to that service. That’s all. You don’t even have to be a follower.

I created a new email address without registering as follower of my blog and received the email. I confirmed on the link to Feedburner and from now on, I’ll be receiving notification of any new post. I’ll keep my new email box active just to check whether all who wish to be notified receive the email.


Tesaje said...

If the follower (hate that term) has a google blog of his/her own, the new posts of all the blogs they follow show up on the accounts page. Don't know if other bog services also do this or not. I put your blog in my list of blogs on my own page and it shows up there. So there are several ways to be notified of a new post without having to sign up for an email. I find the blog lists so convenient that is reason alone to set up a blog.

Stargazer said...

Thanks Tesaje.
I also hate the term follower. What would you suggest instead? Perhaps all those who object to the term (I am one of those) could ask Google to change it. Thanks for the info.

Ellen Burke said...

I did the same thing, and only realized after two years of blogging that my followers aren't getting any updates. How did you add the email notice option to your blog? Is it a blogger app, or did you add something to the html? Do you mind sharing your process? Thanks!

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