Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Costs Past and Overdue- Queenie and Kaylee

I just realized that with all my worries, I had neglected to post some costs for the month of February. So I’ll start with those.

Costs incurred in February:

Materials or Labour Cost     
Cement and metal wire 300.
Labour 1,118.
1 truckload gravel-  
21 Re-bars-*  
5 kg wire-  
10 kg rings-*  
5 bags cement-                                       Total bill 4,153.
Labour 2,243.
Total for February $7,814.

* A note about the above expenses. I’d changed my mind about the type of roof I wanted and returned the rings and re-bars for a credit. In the end I had opted for a flat roof of bovedillas and cement for the bedroom and dining room kitchen. They have thermal qualities that ensure coolness in outside heat and warmth in outside cold. I used the credit for 20 bags of cement in March.

Costs incurred in March:

Materials or Labour Cost  
2000 cunas (small bricks for dome roof) 3,000.
Rental of cement mixer 350.
8 viguetas for bedroom ceiling 2,840.
4 viguetas for bathroom ceiling 504.
155 bovedillas 1,410.
11 m metal mesh for bedroom roof 825.
10 – 8 ft. 4 x 4 for support 550.
Cement extra - 20 bags were exchanged for returned re-bars and rings 710.
4 bags lime 156.
Spatula for mason who had forgotten his 160.
Labour plus bonus  
Demetrio 255.
Jesus 730.
Pepe 730.
Ruben 310.
Luis 1,080.
Lupe 205.
Antonio 205.
Total $14,020.

Construction will resume on April 2nd (my 73rd birthday), 3rd, and 4th with the building of the dining room/kitchen roof. It will be a flat roof identical to that of the bedroom and bathroom.

Yesterday, I had to go to the veterinarians who had come to check on Queenie when she suddenly had taken ill and seen her stomach swelling up. The vets had told me at the time that it was probably her heart. However yesterday, they said that there had been two possibilities-her heart or cancer of the liver. Learning how quickly she had passed, their diagnostic changed to a very aggressive form of cancer of the liver. Unfortunately, this made me relive her last hours and reinforced my opinion that the first 5 years of her life had been very miserable. Living as a breeding machine and not well cared for. After I’d rescued her, she had so enjoyed traveling as co-pilot and reigning supreme either in Arizona or Alberta that, despite the returning sorrow of losing her, I derived some contentment and satisfaction in knowing that she had enjoyed her life for the last 3+ years of being with me.

As to Kaylee, the site of her incision when spayed was a tad swollen and hard, which prompted my visit to the vets. Reassured that all will heal well in time, I remarked to them how surprisingly well behaved she is. She’s so calm and with such good manners that it seems almost impossible to me that she’d been a street dog for the first 6 months of her life. Maria**, the vet, replied that it was often the case with street dogs who had lived virtually by '”the skin of their teeth” that, when rescued and receiving food, water, care, and love, they became tranquil and reassured that their lives had taken a turn for the better. I hope that this will encourage people to rescue animals who have had such a hard life.

** Maria and her veterinarian husband have 5 rescued dogs and a couple of tiny kittens less than a month old.


Sondra said...

I am wondering is your expenses in Dollars or Pesos? I think its very smart to pay as you go...sure it lookin like a great house..
Annie's surgical spot got hard and felt inflamed also they did give me antibiotics and it cleared up in no time. Both of my dogs were left to starve along with 5 brothers n sisters...I found homes for those 5 and kept these two girls Annie and Flossie!!

Stargazer said...

Great for you!
My costs are in pesos. For quickie conversion, I use about a tenth of the price in pesos, when in fact it is less depending on the day. A reader asked me to convert in dollars but frankly, it fluctuates so much that I feel safer with the 1 for 10.
Thank you for caring for those who do not have voice. Give a hug to Annie and Flossie.

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