Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

How I missed writing on my blog. The most damaging part in retiring my blogs was that I could no longer write on blogger simply because the internet service provided by Telcel… or the lack of it, made it impossible to even get my email! Although I was paying for broadband, the speed had been reduced to 0.51kbps peaking to 0.53kbps-at least that’s what the test online kept showing. Finally, I had to realize that nothing would improve! So this marks the end of my 17 month long saga with Telcel. I’ll sum it up.

Since March of 2011 the broadband for which I was paying was made unavailable to me because at the time I was using Skype. The same happened to my neighbours. I fought it until I decided to cancel my subscription in July of this year. Telcel would NOT accept my cancellation!!!! They offered to reduce my monthly payment by half. But since I could not even get my opening page, let alone my email and forget about the blog, I retorted that if they would send a technician to my place and the broadband would somehow be accessible again, I would accept their offer.

Well….. nobody came. Instead I got a call from their head office in Mexico City saying that to supply my little area with broadband would require the installation of an antenna. (Then how the dickens could they offer broadband for a year, then none?) They were not ready to do it yet so, in view of this, they would gladly cancel my subscription since “… they could not provide me with the service”. Honestly, I could have screamed in frustration. I had been too many times to San Juan to complain that I was not getting the service for which I was paying! So $800 pesos later, I got my contract cancelled? What’s to understand? I don’t mind saying this publicly. It was highway robbery since I had not had the service for so long and still had to dish out about $75. dollars to be a l l o w e d to cancel a service that they admittedly could not provide . . .

But I did miss writing my blog, the contact with readers, their comments. I had to find a solution. Since Telcel exercises an absolute monopoly on providing wireless internet in the area, if not in all of the republic, there is no alternative but to use a cyber café. I found out that I can copy my blog, including photos, onto a flash drive or a CD and publish it from the café as they allow it. This I will do.

Today is October 1st. I have photos to take of the house and of the four-legged that now number 7 (yep… I did write seven). I’m not sure as yet of how I will proceed. So when I go to the cyber café once a week, I may publish one or more than one post.

I’m back in the saddle… and very happy to be!


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