Sunday, November 28, 2010

Health Insurance, Work, and a Humorous Article on Being Mexican

I have been VERY busy first with trips to San Juan del Rio to get my health insurance. Although I had intended to go the IMSS route, I heard that going back some months ago, they no longer accept single applicants. Since I have no family here, I did not qualify under that rule. I had tried a few private firms but my age seemed to be a deterrent--I never heard a word! So on to Seguro Popular. I'm now insured for 3 years for anything but a pre-existing condition and covered for physician visits, diagnostic techniques, hospitalisation, surgery other than elective, even some medicine. At no cost. Wow!

Now, about the endless work. I had thought for a while about removing carpet tiles in my rig because of the constant dust. Regardless how often I'd vacuum and wipe everything in sight, the super-fine dust came back with a vengeance, the very same day! Before I'd start to rip up the carpet, I had to make sure that I could find vinyl tiles. There is a Home Depot in Querétaro but I kept delaying going there. So when in San Juan last week, I checked around to see if and where I could find any. I found one little store where the tiles are cheaper than at Home Depot and of a better quality. So I started to rip out the carpet tiles, which are backed by a semi-rigid product that provided a good insulation but are infinitely more difficult to remove than they were to install. And I did the installation, so I know. It isn't over yet. Hard and gruelling work. Which kept me away from either blog. Sorry folks. I am a busy woman.

Now, to levity. An article at appeared that I found hilarious. Some of the traits that could be attributed to a mamacita actually applied to my mother and my aunties (except for the language connection). I was born in a French-speaking milieu, in a catholic country and it is amazing how close the idiosyncrasies of one culture are to the other. Which would explain how and why I find myself so much at ease in Mexico. Home. Here is the link

I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you do, too.


Unknown said...

Glad you got insurance but not good on the pre-existing condition clause. That sucks.

Sondra said...

Free is good, how can i get the same? ;o)

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