Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks to my Followers

I have been blogging for a couple of years now but was sometimes far from punctual with my posts. I'm not attempting to present apologies but simply to offer facts. Life trekking solo does present challenges and problems. At times, it was easy to pour out my soul to sympathetic readers. But hardly fair. So I tried to do it as little as possible. However, it did have an impact on my ability to share. I was terribly concerned about discouraging "wannabes" (as you call yourselves, and as I saw myself once upon a time, rather unflatteringly...) from attempting the experiences of a solo traveler on the roads of our beautiful continent.
But in all fairness, how can one feel confident unless fully prepared for the uncertainties of a new life so far removed from the everyday "humdrum", yet comfortable, challenges of a predictable routine? I did personally rely on others' experiences to gauge my preparedness for the road. I'm not sure whether I succeeded, but in the end, any tip was worth its weight in gold. I was earnest in sharing truthfully so that others would benefit from my experiences. The Good, the Exhilarating, the Bad, and the Awful. And here I'd like to offer an analogy. There is no school of parenting. Yet most, if not all of us, will eventually father or mother a child of more. And we do wing it as we go along. Sometimes with smashing successes, at other times with painful failures. Life goes on. And so do we.
Just as in an everyday "humdrum" life there are highs and lows, so it is on the road. The only difference is that when one is stationary, there are friends and family members to share with us in delighting with the highs and in helping to alleviate the lows, all with a sense of the familiar and readily recognizable. It is different trekking solo. When one wants to share in the awesome wonder of a spectacular sunset or the worry about faltering machines, one can sometimes feel rather lonely. However, I can state unequivocally that the Good and Exhilarating far outweigh the Bad and Awful. And THAT keeps most going.
So here I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who faithfully follow my blog. Although it appears as a connection through the written word only, nevertheless it feels as a heartfelt connection from my soul to yours and vice-versa. You simply have no idea how it can help a solo RV'er going on, whether trekking or stationary. 
Thank you. I love you.
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The Good Luck Duck said...

I'm a new follower, so I can't count myself among the "faithful" yet. Still, I think we all face that communication dilemma, whether through spoken or written word. If I'm honest, I'll bum everyone out, but if I hold back, I am denying myself and others true intimacy. I haven't figured out the answer, but I hope you won't keep back the truth.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the whole truth. If we think life will be perfect just because we have sailed off into the sunset in an rv or moved to another country, then the first time a problem comes up we are likely to turn tail and run back to our old life. Thank you for being honest. You have done so many of the things I dream of doing. It is so encouraging to know there is a such an interesting, strong woman out there. I would love to sit and talk to you for days.

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