Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally … News


These past two weeks have been full of too much happening. That is why I stayed away from my blog. Too much to do!

First of course, was the awful pain of losing Queenie. When I was younger, I used to think that old people cried way to easily. Now I know why. It’s not that pain is cumulative, even though a lot of it can accumulate in one’s life. Perhaps it is that our shell becomes thinner with time? All I know is that tears flow a lot more easily than when I was younger… and tougher! Or is it that so many losses erode our capacity to suffer yet one more… I have no answer for this.

Luis and Jesus were here for the first week of January. They built the cadena over the walls. But it was a lot of work and didn’t get finished. I’ll have photos and costs in another post.

I had to renew my FM3 visa which entailed two days away in Querétaro. It all went very smoothly and the cost was just a tad higher than last year from $1,294. to $1,451. pesos.

Also, I discovered that my to-me-normal blood pressure at 159/80 was actually high, causing a lot of dizziness, headache, and nausea. Not pleasant. I’m cutting off even the chicken and trying to copy Bill Clinton into becoming vegan. I’m starting with vegetarianism, which I followed for 9 years.

And now a big unplanned decision. I’ll relate what happened. On Friday the 6th, I went to Bodega Aurrera for my grocery shopping and ended up with a full cart. As I was waiting for a taxi to take me back home, I noticed a dog that was watching the store doors. Twice it almost got run over. I tried to coax it to remain safe at the entrance by offering some of the kibble I had just bought and saw that it was a female.

A while later, a woman and four young boys came out of the store and the dog went immediately towards the little group (looking very very poor) but with some anxiety, trembling while trying to get closer, then retreating, all of this very hesitatingly. I asked the mother if it was hers. Yes and no she said; it was her neighbour’s and her boys played with it; she was afraid that the dog would get killed as it was very neglected, her neighbour already had another one; it was only 6 months old and was living in the street. Instant decision. I offered to adopt it. She said ok because the dog was surely going to die. I thought that I’d take the dog to the veterinarian’s just a few doors down.

The boys got into it, offering kibble all the way to the vet’s clinic then went out the moment she was in. She was ridden with fleas; had to be given 3 baths to get rid of them and dewormed. The vet said that she had a small tumour on her right eye, probably a congenital defect. I’ll have it checked later. Meanwhile, I’d dropped my groceries home then went to pick her up. I installed her in the bodega and thought that I’d introduce her very slowly to Tina and Tasha. It took a week. Now they all play and run together, sharing the bed at night. I changed her name from Paloma to Kayleigh.

Here is Kayleigh:-

Jan.2012 dogs 015-1Jan.2012 dogs 016-1

I have never thought that anyone or any dog or cat could be replaced by another. However, having a new animal helps take the brunt off the pain of losing one.

And keeps one very busy.

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