Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Loveliness of Tequisquiapan

Sometimes I miss some of the comments posted by readers. I wish that there was a way to be advised of a new comment. New readers go back to early posts and leave comments that I get to read sometimes months or even years later. I do my best.

Today I noticed a comment by Eileen White about how pretty the street Guillermo Prieto is and wondering if it is really so. By going to googlemaps.com it is possible to have a tour of Tequisquiapan and see how lovely so many parts are. And yes, it is that pretty. The bougainvilleas, here often called camelinas, drape tall stone fences in colours that often take your breath away. There are trees with a trunk so wide that they must be a century or two old.  There is a tree called pirule that grows very tall and wide with small leaves and branches that hang down and sway gently in the breeze. It's also called pepper tree. What is most striking, besides the colonial style of many houses and buildings, is the profusion of colours, both in buildings and foliage.

So take a tour via googlemaps.com - type Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, Mexico and you'll be right here. You'll see our taxivans, a mode of public transportation, that crisscrosses the whole area, old cobble stone streets, the park La Pila, the church in the centre of Tequis, the artisans market, just to quote a few.

I revel in the trees and flowering plants all over the city when I recall how grey and drab winter transforms everything up north. Of course the sun shining on fresh snow can also be breathtaking. And blinding. Let me sum it up. I do not regret making this part of the world my home. And if you can't travel physically, at least you can get the little yellow man in google maps take you here, free.

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Pleinguy said...

Somewhere in your blogger settings there is an option to receive an email when someone comments on a post in your blog. I get them all time.

Sorry to hear about Queenie, but perhaps the new pup will help fill the void.

It sounds like Spring is near in Tequis.

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