Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here’s Part Three with a NB

What a thrill! The lot will finally be enclosed and the dogs will be able to run free within its confines. So, here’s Part Three in photos.



Yes, the sky is that blue 95 to 97% of the time. Can’t complain. . .

Once the blocks have been erected, the castillo at every 3 metres was boxed in and concrete was poured in.



Teodoro at work. The part enclosed by chicken wire is pompously designated as “The Garden”. I bought a load of black earth, mistaking it for the black earth with plenty of humus up north. Part clay and sand, it appears to be a dismal failure. Plus the area is too exposed to the sun. I have to water it copiously twice a day unless rainfall is expected. Next year? I don’t think so. Produce is too cheap to opt for so much work.



Nearing completion of the Eastside.

I really lucked out with Teodoro and Uriel. They are relentless, always on time, and clean up EVERYTHING before they leave. What a gift to me!


And now for the NB  I had neglected for a long time to update my profile on the blog. Now that I have my FM3 resident visa, and even got the civil registry to add me in as a resident of Santillan (Tequisquiapan), I finally did. I also added a photo of me taken for my passport when I was 23, some 48 years ago. What! Did you think I’d publish my old face when I got something better?  Just add some weight, some wrinkles, hair that was naturally blonde but that I much preferred otherwise (a propensity to go to the dark side?) and that has now reverted to its original colour to my great chagrin, and let your imagination go wild.

I ain’t the looker I used to be, PERIOD. But my brain still functions fully on all cylinders, I’m rich with a whole lifetime of experiences and ready for even more. Life is good.

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