Friday, April 2, 2010

Hurrah for New Gadgets

In the wake of losing my camera cable to download my photos, I was talking about it to a friend who suggested that perhaps he’d have something that would work just as well. The gadget is called an SD Card Reader I think and works even better than a cable. You simply insert the SD card from the camera into one end of the gadget, plug the other end into a USB port, and whichever photo software is on your computer will pick up the photos without fanfare or complicated instructions. It’s a bit like a flash card but a little wider. I use Picasa, so immediately the photos were ready for me to fiddle with and post. I hope I find the SD Card Reader here in Mexico. If not, I’ll have to get it sent to me.

How in the world were we able to function without modern electronics? I recall the first time my sisters and I looked at a black and white TV set playing in a store window, without sound. We couldn’t wait until our parents were able to purchase one. As the saying goes, “We’ve come a long way, baby!”  Guess I’m all for new gadgets and using one!

So here’s a photo I took of my Big Girl Queenie with her new charges resting after a hard day’s labour--Mindy chasing Tina up the sand hill, then digging her way down in an attempt to reach China, or Tina chasing Queenie’s tail as if cornering a wild animal, or Queenie seemingly overwhelmed by two frantic puppies and growling her authoritative growl, all without much effect. . . Or the troublesome twosome using the stone base as a bridge to investigate the neighbour’s garden (yeah, the one who can’t stand dogs)? Or me trying to do damage control?

I can’t say whose labour was the hardest; I’ll leave it to you to figure it out. Not too long after I took this photo, I was also resting from a hard day’s work. As will I do next.

Good night all!

Oops… here’s the photo.

The sleep of the just

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