Sunday, February 26, 2012

Veering Away from Construction Woes

In my last post, I wrote that I’d post on anything other than construction. An anonymous reader commented that I wasn’t getting any breaks. But I am! To wit:--
  1. My health is very good. I can’t recall when last I had a cold, much less the flu. When I had this little crisis with LP gas, I was told at the hospital that I had high blood pressure. Only, it was their lack of belief in what I had related that made the staff argue that it was the case. It was NOT. My blood pressure is around 135/80—except when I’m dealing with unwanted stress. Then it shoots up to anything like 143/81 or even 159/82 as when I was at the hospital.
  2. At my age (73 in a month) I find that I am living quite a creative adventure. In spite of my “construction woes”, I seldom stay down. Somehow, I’m able to stretch my month’s end enough to meet my living AND construction expenses.
  3. Sometimes, I get unexpected help from an incognito angel who provides an infusion of cash when things get too tight. He must have a sixth sense because it arrives when I need it most. Thanks!
  4. After 2 years living in Mexico, I can now read books in Spanish. My vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds. But I have to admit that I know more terms on construction than on any other topic…
  5. I have 3 wonderful dogs who (yes, they rate a who not a that) bring me joy and at times amusement with their antics. And their lessons in unconditional love when I’m grouchy or down.
  6. I have my family, and the wonderful friends who are so connected to my life that I seldom feel that we may be separated by a whole country in some cases!
  7. Last but not least, I feel a grateful connection to my readers who inform my efforts in relating my little adventures, Thank you for your interest. And there’s more but the list would be too long.
So you see, I do have lots of breaks.

From time to time, as I click on all kinds of links, I end up viewing a YouTube video about talent and get blown away. Then I go on to find out more about this (new-to-me) discovery, only to be further blown away. That’s when my gratitude for being here, doing what I’m doing, becomes a soul-filling warm feeling that seldom quits.
Here’s the link to the first one that I have viewed many times:
An incredible story of hardship and determination
The sweetest boy all mothers want to hug:-
From far away Inner Mongolia
A tiny girl from China with a gigantic talent:-
Child prodigy, no less!
Have a great day! Have a grand life! And enjoy them both!

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