Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weather… before it Got Better

It is the very first time that I experience such weather in Tequisquiapan. The skies remained dark, big black clouds bringing rain and worse for almost two weeks from the early days of February. We even got thunder, lightning and hail. Good grief, hail! My lot, covered as it is with tepetate, turned into ugly mud interspersed with muddy puddles. You can imagine how my RV was with 12 active paws trying to recreate the outside inside. Total resignation was the order of the day.

Now that I have a generator, I do my own laundry and let it dry on the line. In our usually sunlit temps, clothes take just short of an hour to dry. About midway in this awfully messy weather, I saw a minute glimmer of an opportunity to run a load. Using the generator and connecting to a hose that I normally use for watering plants, then cranking up the generator after having filled the washer by hand takes time. From start to finish, the first load takes at least one hour. I was watching the grey skies hoping that I would make it before the rain returned. No sooner had I hung the last pair of socks that the first drops hit… and didn’t stop until a week later!

During those last two weeks my batteries never got a full charge for the serious lack of sunshine; so using my computer was limited to less than one hour a day most days. Also, the downpour prevented me from using the generator. Fun days… Now that we have full sunshine, as usual I might add, I’ll be busy washing about 4 loads next after I’ve published this post. The fun continues.

Tomorrow, my two new workers, Javier and Hector, come for one week. They had given me three days to finish the top cadena. Sorry folks, I didn’t take a photo as it is a repetition of earlier work; quite boring I assure you. But necessary. It will be obvious why in the next phase as we begin the roof. I’m really excited about it. Although seeing the walls going up should have been equally exciting, I had a deplorable attitude of fretting about how much more was ahead of us. My greatest fear was  that something serious would require spending on the RV (it did—3 new batteries). I don’t allow myself much in the hope that it will be possible to have a house before next winter. All that I could afford in manpower was one measly week per month and at that speed, I thought that I’d have to live in the RV another two years. The reduced rates permit me to have them work two weeks a month. I’m beginning to believe that there may be an end in sight!

OK… now to the laundry.

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