Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Short Hiatus before the Holidays

Sorry folks, I don't have much to report. We have had a really bad cold spell, with the night temps dropping below the freezing mark for well over a week. As a result, most of my potted plants have died. So far the palm tree and palmettos are valiantly surviving this very unusual cold. My schefflera, very dead. The days are gloriously sunny and warm, though.

I have to renew my FM3 visa, which always necessitates many trips to Querétaro. Also, for variety and better prices, I have been shopping at San Juan del Rio and the trips back and forth are very time-consuming. Hence my silence, which I hope you'll forgive. I may not post until later in December. I'll be replacing my flooring in the rig. Yuk!

Once it's finished, I'll post photos. Take care!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Science and Scepticism

For what seemed to me long days going into a week, even longer, I had been feeling positively wretched for no reason that I could imagine or think of. There seemed to be no explanation for such dejection. (Which would explain why I didn't post anything. Sorry. I see no reason why I should subject anyone to my "stuff".)  I ended up thinking of times when I'd felt similar and vaguely recalled that my lack of vitality sometimes had little to do with what was going on in my life. What to think or do?

Whenever something happens to me that I cannot readily grasp or explain, I first subject it to logic and reason. A quick review of past events showed that things were coming right along. Check. Another review of my living conditions? Unchanged. Check. An overview of my emotional state. Awful. Physical? I'm not sick but why can't I lift a foot to put it in front of the other? An inveterate optimist suddenly cannot see the sun shine or hear the birds sing... why?

Without any logical or reasonable explanation for my wretchedness, I realized that I had to think out of the box. That's when I suddenly recalled that years ago, I used to check my biorhythm cycles, even if only sporadically. I'd since gotten rid of my old computer and bought a new one. In the process, I had let go of oldies that I was seldom using. One of those was the biorhythm program that I had downloaded from the internet.

Back to the internet and a search for "Biorhythm free download". There I recognized my old one from White Stranger. I downloaded it, put in my date of birth... bingo! It appears that I was functioning at 24% of my overall capacity. The beauty of it is that this lasted only for a short and determinate period of time. With a definite dateline, I would soon enjoy sun and birds. As before, I subjected the whole concept to my personal evaluation based on its concordance with my experience, or lack of it. I found that certain aspects were dubious while others were right on. Another tool for handling life with a little bit more knowledge. Can't say no to that.

Frankly, I don't care whether science has validated it or not. There are professional sceptics who have made a religion (I'm serious about this: it is based on THEIR BELIEF) of their scepticism and look at anything that cannot be duplicated in a laboratory unworthy of any intelligent consideration. My take on much of metaphysics is that, although we are all human beings, each of us is distinctly different from any other human being. Unique. So when it pertains to explaining anything happening to one of us, we have to let go of the scientific yardstick and accept another premise. No single life is EVER duplicated. We all go through experiences that might look similar yet often affect each one of us differently. Eventually this is expressed as uniquely as each one of us is. Not easily duplicated in the narrow confines of a laboratory.
So go ahead! Call me candid, naive, trustful, anything but a sceptic. Logic and reason are a tool. Just as I have found biorhythm pretty handy at figuring out what's going on when logic and reason fail.
I think you'll agree with me that I do feel a lot better!

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