Saturday, January 2, 2016

So much to write about. . .

Best Wishes for 2016!

As is said in Latin speaking countries, "Health, Love and Money, and Time to enjoy them all"

2016... what's in store for us all? In numerology (the very little that I know about) 2016 is a 9 year. If I look at it in my uninformed way, it represents the culmination of the 8 years that preceded it; does it mean that it leads to new beginnings? Guess we will find out in 12 months!

I had grandiose dreams of taking a lot of photos, only to find my old digital camera almost defunct from years of not using it. What's the old saying? Use it or lose it? I found it to be so true--from a certain familiarity with the internet to attempting to start a new blog fusing both of my old blogs into a single one... I was navigating in terra incognita without a boat or even a floating device! I could hardly swim just barely keep my head above water! Learning is a must...and I will.

Actually, my mind is full to the brim with all that happened since I had to stop my blogs. My little house was still in the throes of growing into an accomplished fact. It seems as if nothing had been finished. From waterproofing the roof to basic plumbing. to a laundry area with water and electricity, to the entrance way to the house, to paving the lot, to way too much to finally end up living with stop-gap temporary measures ...and I was already into maintenance! One of my sisters who had REALLY lived the experience had said that it takes roughly 10 years to do it all! Would I live that long?

So, I decided to tackle each area with planning the steps that I had to take to have at least THAT area completed. The same goes for my blogs. One at a time with photos and reviews to bring it up to date. So much has happened. A friend suggested that at this point perhaps I should contemplate writing a book. This brought me to reality; I don't have to go over the same old stuff, just keep on going and fill the gaps. 

So now that I have organized my mind on that concept, it will be relatively easy to sit down and write. I do it all the time in my mind, any way.


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