Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Latest News - an Executive Decision and a Last Post

My intent to slowly build a small house on the lot, which finally is paid up, had to be thoroughly examined. With that, I came to a revision that will make my life easier. I sorely need a vehicle and if I put construction on hold for a few months, I’ll be able to buy a used vehicle some time around August or September.

Then, now that I have found a mechanic/machinist who is willing to fix my generator, an older Honda that has seen only 1234 hours of use, but is good for 30 amps, 3600 watts, I’ll be able to have power night and day. And will no longer have to wash by hand. Then, I have a large expense coming up at end of March. I must fly up north and have my passport renewed and attend to a few chores.

After a few more months starting at summer end, I’ll have enough to employ a couple workers who will be supervised by Peter, a friend who has tremendous experience building in Mexico. So that instead of being on a building site for many months on end, erecting the casita will be over in a few months.

Another consideration is that to get electricity on ejido land, there has to be enough of a client base to warrant the installation of cement posts, electric cables, a transformer, etc. at our collective cost. There is already a number of neighbours-to-be willing to form a little group to share the cost of the installation. But it will require time, as well. I’d rather have the installation and security of an electrical connection before I get going with building the house.

And this final consideration. I have decided to let this blog die a good death. Reasons are numerous, but the most important one is that I’m no longer trekking and boondocking. At least elsewhere. I will admit to being content on my sunny lot, securely fenced in with a six foot cement block wall. And my three dogs.

One last note on blogging and full-timing. I had great hopes of making a few $$ from AdSense. To that end, I’d asked a full-timer who had doubled his income of social security, to give me a hand in checking up my blog to improve my chances of a few bucks. He flatly refused saying that he’d been at it a long time and that it was impossible to make any money from a blog nowadays, as so many people were blogging. I took him at his word. Nevertheless, I felt pretty demoralized.

And now, I DO feel that I have very little to contribute. So many are having a look at full-timers’ blogs and, caught in a situation no longer wanted, idealize life on the road. Let me be candid about it. While I have NEVER felt that I’d made a mistake living in a house on wheels as both a mode of residence (although not really residing anywhere…) and a lifestyle, I have found it more expensive than I had conceived. Whatever little financial cushion I had was quickly exhausted, which left me in a precarious situation at times. So, a word of warning to would-be full-timers. The cushion has to be either substantial or self-replenishing. 

I wish all “wannabes” TONS of good luck. And do keep the dream alive. It is better to make a few mistakes on the way to fulfill a dream than to end a life without having had the guts realize one’s life on one’s own terms. However it ends up before life is over, I guarantee it will have been worth it. With me, it ends up quite content, looking forward to more adventures in Mexico. And who knows? Perhaps I will have something to write about in a few months’ time! For now, it is Adios! or perhaps Hasta Luego!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not so Metaphysical, After All

Surfing the net can yield surprising results. Having been skeptical about anything that I could not apprehend through the five senses myself for many years, it was almost a modus vivendi to doubt. To ask for proof, even if seldom receiving any, but heck! I had to support my belief system! Or, shall I say disbelief?
After experiences that I would term as shattering as they negated all that I had been living by, I returned, after 20 years, to asking questions. And I kept at it. Still do. Now, I’m interested in learning all about searching for possibilities, especially since my exposure to things unfathomable to perception (mine) through the accepted five senses has brought me surprising discoveries... I know that I mentioned Winston Wu in a previous post. He simply is using the tactics that I used for debunking anything that didn’t fit in my own concept of the universe. Thankfully, I’m now more accepting that there isn’t just one version of the Universe and that there might be other “realities out there”.  The ultimate Reality, however, might still be beyond our ken.
However, in this post, I want to mention Lloyd Pye, the Hominid and Starchild researcher, who has a very interesting video about climates across the map, and eventually relates it all to the map that we use in the Western World. It’s mind-blowing. It makes it awfully hard to refute the findings, i.e. the accepted concept that the Mercator map (dating back to 1569) is representing the Earth continents correctly. It appears all wrong! Period. I recall that years ago, I did wonder why, if the Equator sits halfway between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, in fact delineating them, the physical representation of this hypothetical line should be so LOW down on the world map. But it was no more than a fleeting thought. (I was young and foolish, in those days.)  
I had seen the Peter map, or its twin, claiming that our Europeo-centric concept was all wrong. However, since this was the period of my ardent socialist days, I eventually relegated it to “Things to Check Out…Later”. This is much later, but never too late. Enough said. I hope that you check this out for yourselves at
Fascinating. Not exactly the most esthetic, or even accurate. But an eye-opener.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trigger to a Trip to the Past

I have been immersed in a Michener book—Alaska. What hardships dealing with the extreme cold, the ice, and the snow. And I recalled  an email I received last winter at about this time in February, when I was in the Desert Southwest. It was about a veritable avalanche of snow that had just engulfed Quebec City. It reminded me of the TONS of snow that I did shovel back East.

I was asked a while back why I and others would choose to go away, far from family and friends. Here’s an answer worth thousands of words.

sans titre16

I wonder how the driver made it into the house…





This one found a way!

sans titre36   Probably not looking forward to melting time?

sans titre26






Wondering where to start?

Then, where and how to dispose of the white stuff?

sans titre20sans titre34

Here are some people who can handle things with humour!

sans titre24sans titre31






And one who seems determined to go places… regardless!

sans titre22

I’m so happy, even in my somewhat restricted living conditions right now, to be away from the white stuff. 

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