Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Gardener's Precious Help - Show and Tell

I haven't posted for a while. For the past two weeks, I've been shopping for plants and flowers. Then for containers to hold them. And to try to find another provider of BROWN soil. My post Something Got Lost in the Translation related an attempt at getting understood (my accent wasn't the culprit, every other Mexican native understands me perfectly!) Rather, I see it as what I would call an inborn tendency of many males of the species to lend only half an ear to the female of the same species... (has any other woman ever noticed this?) We had negotiated for a solid week but I kept ending up with nothing more tangible than hope.

Finally, Samuel the gardener arrived to move some soil--which, not surprisingly was absent. Kindly, he proposed that we both go to Los Coyotes and so we went. Strange how Samuel understood me perfectly... Yet, once more I got the run-around. Fed up, I just cancelled the whole thing. It had amounted to another saga. Then Samuel mentioned that he knew a place so we drove there. I asked for brown soil, was understood and shown it; Samuel checked it, declared it excellent and three measly HOURS later it was delivered.

That was the first stop. I had mentioned that I would like to grow flowers in large ceramic pots rather in the soil. Why? The lot is awfully narrow, and the climate is dry. I'd rather water a dozen or so pots than an area that would require triple the volume of water. Also, growing in large pots looks very Mexican (and I love it). It amounts to having a movable garden!

The place he knew sold not only ceramic pots but plants, trees, cacti, flowers that I knew and others that I was seeing for the first time. I went nuts! No house yet except my RV. But I couldn't live without beauty around. What can be more beautiful than flowers? And hummingbirds that come to sip their nectar? And butterflies? And red birds, yellow birds, birds that sing and others that make unidentifiable sounds?

Ok, enough words. Time for Show and Tell.

This schefflera will grow (I hope) to  top the 6 ft cPlants & boug 012-1ement fence. It's left of the entrance door (to come).







Both sides of the enclosing cement fence will, in time, be covered with bougainvilleas of all colours. Here are some of them. I had to protect them from inquisitive canine noses, hence the chicken wire.

Plants & boug 019-1  

Bodega, dogs, lavadero, flowers 017-1 Plants & boug 018-1

Then I also planted a palm treePlants & boug 015-1 Plants & boug 014-1And two palmettos






In time the 3 llamaradas will show these bright orange colours--loved by bees and hummingbirdsFlowering vine with tiny peaches in back of laundry room-1 (I believe they are called trumpet vines?) If anyone knows, I'd appreciate being advised





Now, here are the macetas or ceramic pots. I couldn't believe how Plants & boug 017-2 inexpensive they were--would you believe a bit under $10. each! They are the large ones holding roses (to bloom again). The puppies are very inquisitive so I had to put them higher up, that is on the rack that used to hold "stuff" behind the RV. In front are mandevilleas (phonetic spelling) with white, pink and red flowers. They're flowering vines that will eventually climb up and around the fence door.

 Plants & boug 006-1 Yes, I've been busy going nuts over the ceramic pots and posies. The round pots were about $7.00 each. I can't recall the name of the flowers.

Plants & boug 001-2

So, you see, I HAVE been busy...

Welcome to new readers. Do not hesitate to email me if you have any question about RV'ing solo, or moving to Mexico in my area--the safest of the country with the most pleasant climate.  I could not speak with first-hand knowledge about other areas.

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maria luz said...

Hola y suerte con las flores. They are lovely!I took an enlarged look at your trumpet vine and can tell you that it is not a trumpet vine. Trumpets have serrated edges on their leaves and, Lord help you, they are horrbly invasive. We are ripping a ton of it out in our yard today as it now threatens to take over the house. I think what you may have is a jasmine species. Not sure. I am also sending you a private email regarding our move to Tequis. Yay!

Mary Lou

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