Monday, October 11, 2010

Llamarada - Description and Name

Finally found the name of the lovely vine with bright orange flowers. Here's a description provided by California Gardens:
Pyrostegia venusta will bloom some throughout the year, but the best show is in the late Fall when little else is happening.  That makes the show from the Flame Vine even more commanding.  The vine can be almost completely covered with these brilliant orange flowers.  It also goes by the common names of Flame Flower, Flaming Trumpet, and Golden Shower Vine.  It is native to Brazil and Paraguay.
Thanks to Maria Luz who mentioned that trumpet vine is not what I have, which prompted me to look further and do a Google search. When I clicked on Images, there it was! All that I recalled was the name trumpet.
Anyone depressed or dejected cannot help but grin with pleasure looking at a stone wall brimming with Flaming Trumpet. I can't wait until I see my cement fence draped in all the colours of the bougainvilleas and flaming trumpet!

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