Monday, October 4, 2010

Saving - The Planet and $

While reading the October Selecciones de Readers' Digest, I came across a small ad that offered software that could reduce my footprint on the environment by reducing the kilowatts while using my computer. For a full-time RV'er this is like manna from heaven.

Electricity usage needs constant monitoring, which is done by the regulator. It indicates the charge from the solar panels into the batteries and the usage, as well. When the sun goes down, unless the batteries have received a full charge, time using the computer in the evenings may be limited. Frustrating. Now, let's not talk about watching television. Anyway, I don't watch it at all. My command of Spanish is not yet sufficient to follow dialogue at lightning speed.

OK. Here is the information. The software is called Granola and it IS FREE. Here's the URL

I'm so impressed!

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