Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Blog

Well it's up. Still needs some tweaking. I'm having a few problems with the template and design. For an unknown reason, the changes that I decide upon fail to get implemented. I'll figure it out...

Thanks to Virago and Dixxe who came up with suggestions for the blog title, I've decided to use both. The blog is therefore called Metaphysical Musings and the description includes the Beyond the Body suggestion. I just loved both. Thank you Virago and Dixxe. The blog address is a tentative name I'd reserved before the suggested titles. Blogger accepted the change to Metaphysical Musings BUT when I try to access it by its new title, it states by invitation only. It doesn't even accept my name even though it's all spelled out exactly identical to ... as administrator. Go figure!

Since I don't own a domain, it appears a bit problematic to have a forum accessible directly from the blog, which is what I would like to implement so as to facilitate communication. I'm looking at alternatives and will post whatever I find out on boondocking blogger as I have no followers on the new blog. If you want to check out the new blog, for now, go to:


Barb said...

I tried the second link "LiveJournal Tags:" and it does not work. The first link in the body of your post DOES work. They look the same to me. The new blog looks great, I'm looking forward to future posts!

Sondra said...

I look forward to reading the posts!! I have a blog (Writtins)dedicated to "stretching" my main blog is dedicated mostly to art in my life-via photography, travel, and art. Hope you will visit sometimes. Im headed over to the new blog now to check it out!

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