Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excuses… Excuses – and News About Tasha

That’s about all that I can offer at this point. Excuses.

I had been looking at FaceBook for a while now, but shied away from learning one more thing. What… I’m 72! My head is already swimming, crammed as it is with all sorts of things.  I’ll agree that many might not be so useful at this point in my life, but just the same… there’s only so much space, right? Already, I’m learning a new language, a new way of living, a new culture, construction standards in Mexico, alien terms, and over all, new almost everything. On top of it all, I’m designing a little house for my ‘old age’, as if most of my life wasn’t already behind me, yet feeling different, as if age didn’t matter at all!

Huh… does it?

So, I’ll confess to my ignorance and my fumbling. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to communicate via FaceBook, although I’d love to. Can I link my blog to FaceBook? That would be great, but how?  How transparent are my personal data? How personal are my contacts? I feel a bit overwhelmed, worried about privacy, and it doesn’t happen that often. Perhaps staying with what one knows best is safer.

So these are my excuses. Anyone can be of help? I’d appreciate it, so much.

About Tasha:- I’ll have to stop going to the vet!

It reminds me of a dear friend from Montreal, Olive. She was special. An Italian from the U.K. whose father had died some time before, she had been fascinated by my daughter, Nathalie, perhaps a bit envious. Having 3 boys whose ages went from 12 to 17, she was simply dying to have another attempt at having a daughter. But, she had to go to Scotland for her father’s passing away. She stayed away for 3 months. Her husband, Ralph, was a seriously married fellow who took his fidelity vows to heart (as did she, I know).

Well… when she returned, fireworks were the order of the day, or the night? She soon found herself pregnant and, afraid to confront her physician who had advised against another pregnancy, kept mum about it for over 3 months. When she finally went, he advised against all unnecessary efforts, on account of her health problems and her age at 41. She promised to be totally obedient. But, let’s not forget that she was Italian! She respected his admonitions as much as she could but was so thrilled at another chance of perhaps having a daughter, that she thought she’d keep visits to her doctor to a minimum. Next, she went when she was already 5 months on the way, if not over. A short exam showed that there were more than one heartbeat heard. Twins on the way?

To strip it down to a minimum, she kept her appointments to once a month, at most. The next time, since more than two heartbeats could be detected, she was told that she… possibly… well, almost certainly… was carrying triplets! Things were getting serious. At that point, I told her, facetiously, that she might as well refrain from further visits to the doctor since every time she went, he’d find another baby!

Close to her 8th month pregnancy, a fourth baby was indeed found. She then had to be hospitalized until the babies were to be born. Hers were the first quadruplets born at the Royal Victoria Hospital ever. Long story short, she had three other boys and one GIRL! She was ecstatic! I couldn’t help but tease her about her apparent lack of balance. Six boys for one girl? That’s a lot of hard work!

To make a long story short, she did survive the birth of quadruplets but sadly, did not live for more than another 5 years. Fortunately, Ralph eventually met a wonderful woman, an exceptional one and a teacher on top of it, who not only was a loving partner, but took over the care and education of these four precious children. But that’s a long time ago.

Now, back to Tasha. Every time that I go to the vet, she ages by more than 1 to 2 months at a time! I went today for her second immunization. After a thorough examination, the vet declared that, given the advanced state of growth of her teeth, she was at least 7 months old! What? From a puppy barely alive some 12 weeks before, we’re now looking at a half-grown German Shepherd? The vet said that, given her state of extreme emaciation and lack of vital nutrition for weeks, if not months, she was making up for time lost.  That, she is! I’m not complaining. Just wondering how such a tiny puppy could have survived until she made it to my door for… what… weeks if not months without the basic necessities for survival? One wonders how much pain exists in the world for simple survival alone… I’ll admit to shying away from that thought as much as I can.

If she wasn’t sent to me, I’ll eat my hat! My girls are so accepting of her. And I do love her so much. I just pray that, although I’m ready to help yet any other animal in need, I can fit him or her into my growing brood. Wasn’t it said that one will not burdened with more than one can handle? I hope this saying will hold true for now.

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