Monday, May 16, 2011

A Quickie of Good News and Unsung Angels

Queenie was operated on today. Two rather large (to my watchful mind) incisions. She had to be carried out physically to the rear of the van and brought up into it. Same coming back home. That’s 125 pounds of unwilling weight. Fortunately, Cole, a young and very helpful neighbour, came with his wheelbarrow and between the three of us, Cole, Peggy and I, we managed to bring her to a bed I had made for her in the bodega, which happens to be much cooler than the RV. I kept a watch over her all afternoon and she finally managed to get up on shaking legs towards 4 pm. A few bites of apple and mango helped restore come vigour, not that much, but some, and by the time it was doggie supper time, she was ok to come into the RV. The two tumours have been sent to a lab and the pathologist will have some answers this coming Friday.

Mindi has been insufferable with her woebegone expression and her constant lookout for a way to roam. I took her to the vet as I was picking up Queenie and asked for help. I’d hate to resent my sweet dog whose fault it is not; but neither is it mine. However, she was really obnoxious. I was ready to beg for help, but did not have to. She was given an injection of hormones to “cancel out” her heat, to my immense relief. With a prescription for natural tranquilizing pills twice a day, she could survive this one heat without making everyone crazy around her, herself included! Before the next one hits us, she’ll be undergoing surgery to remove whatever particles of her ovary are causing this much hardship to the poor dog and her keeper.

Here, I want to officially recognize the unsung angels that we encounter in our hour of need. Peggy has been one of those and I can’t say how much I appreciate her help with my ‘girls’. And young Cole who never fails to help with a smile on his face. These two have been my unsung hero angels.

As a final note, let me state that traveling solo as a senior woman to wild and wonderful places, one often encounters these angels who somehow appear out of nowhere and quietly lend a hand, looking for nothing more than heartfelt thanks. Sometimes, one hits the road with a rather jaundiced view of humankind. It had been my case. However, it’s been my experience that the road, rather than being filled with would-be criminals, more often than not reconciles oneself with humankind as, at times, people virtually spring out of nowhere and come to one’s rescue. And here, I need to stress the word “kind”, as one encounters many acts of kindness from our fellow humans. If I was to reckon what experiences have been the most meaningful to me, it would be these acts of kindness that reconciled me with my shared humanity. 

These experiences, although often brought upon oneself by bad luck, have their silver lining in that they make one proud of being a member of the dominant species, humankind and our fellow humans.

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Anonymous said...

I hope all of your babies are well. I am glad you have people there who care about you. Thank you for keeping us updated on your life and your words of wisdom.

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