Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too Much Running Around

I have tried I don’t know how many times to get to my blog, obviously without much success. There has been too much to relate it in a short blog, but here goes…

About Tasha: Took her to the vet for her shots and was told that far from being about 3 and a half months old, she’s at least 5 months! Her extremely emaciated state and her dreadful condition were more a witness to her previous suffering than to her real age. Poor little tyke; it brought me a lot of pain to realize how hard her short life had been. But she’s growing in leaps and bounds. More pics when I can get my act together, given a little more breathing time.

About Queenie: A few months ago I had noticed a lump that appeared at first like a protuberance from an ingrown hair. Then it began growing. The problem is that I have no means of transportation and to ask a cab to accept such a massive animal was asking too much. Fortunately, Peggy, who is a dog lover as I am, helped me. I was concerned because of a rather rapid growth of the lump in the past couple of weeks. She’ll be undergoing surgery tomorrow, after which the lab will check its source. I’m praying it’ll be only a benign cyst.

Oh… almost forgot there have been so many directions to go around!  Mindy has her second heat since her being spayed. A small particle of an ovary was apparently left behind, triggering hormonal changes. She’s miserable and keeps trying to jump over the six foot fence. Unfortunately, she’s been successful a few times and I’ve had to run around to get her back. I’m so petrified of her being mounted by a bigger dog. Or for a big dog jumping over the fence and Queenie making mincemeat of him. The vet will do an ultrasound once her heat is over and try to locate what’s been left of her ovary so as to remove it.

The ramp under the gate: Pete’s two masons were here to build it over a couple of days. Had to dump the sand and gravel on the street side and it brought a number of masons wanting to work. Although I’m far from a Southern Belle, still I had to converse a bit rather than dismiss them outright. That took quite a chunk of my time.

The water heater: Michel had removed it some 15 months ago intending to have the leak from a tiny hole soldered. But it’s an aluminum body and when the gent tried to solder it, the hole grew and grew. Finally Michel took it back to his shed where it stayed for all that time. I actually thought he’d thrown it away. I had resigned myself to cold showers during those months… But last week, he rediscovered it and tried to have it fixed. It was. But to re-install it was time consuming. Michel hates dogs so I was busy trying to keep them from going near him. It appeared to be fixed. The water heater. Not Michel’s hate of animals.

More about the water heater: Like all fixtures on an RV, everything has to be done to minimize weight, which means plastic in lieu of metal. The water connections blew out flooding the RV FOUR TIMES!!! First, Michel came in. Then another flood and I called the plumber. Fixed? Not exactly. I got two more floods. Humberto, Lupe’s son, attempted to fix both connections and I’m hoping that this last one will remain fixed. Michel had installed two metal elbows to facilitate connecting the pipes. However, it appeared as if the heat from the heater via the elbows managed to weaken the connection. With Humberto’s last visit a few minutes ago, we agreed to tape the %&?@#%!! of the $%#@*&? pipes. There’s enough teflon tape inside, electric tape and duct tape outside to hold back the Titanic. Another flood and I’ll get back to cold showers. I’m loath to spend anymore on the RV now that I have construction plans and masons to do them right.

To end this dismal showing of a post, I do have good news. The two masons are charging me $2400 pesos a week, for the two of them, and they are superb workers. The maestro took one look at my plan and said that he didn’t need an architect, it was so clear. I’d made it to scale on quadrillé paper, one square per one square meter. I even marked the trees, the RV, the bodega and my clothes lines! How’s that for exactness? In the next couple of weeks, I’ll review my plan with Pete and I guess I’ll be good to go into building my casita! And at long last publish it to a post.

More pics to come. First Queenie. I hope that she’ll be OK. 9 years old is considered a senior age for such a big dog. But she’s been so precious, both to me and the three orphan girls. If you have a couple of minutes, could you pray for my big girl and the little ones.

Your words of support would mean a lot to me with all my doggie troubles. I do feel for them and pray that everything will turn out fine, with time.


RunNRose said...

Hi! Sending good thoughts your way. You are amazing! Can't believe how you manage to cope with so much and yet remain upbeat! I think you're going to be like my mother-in-law. Playing cards at 95! I like how you do such a good job of describing what is going on. Am excited for you re your "casita". Keep on posting! Rose in TX

Stargazer said...

Rose in TX:
I hope that you read this comment, for I wish to thank you for your encouragement and good words. Much more than I post is going on. So that any word of positive affirmation is precious as gold. Will have more to post on later this week. It appears to be a week heavy with all things happening...

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