Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facebook, I Changed my Mind

When I went on Facebook this morning, I realized that I had made a mistake. Realized that I already have enough on my plate with the plans, the construction, and my four dogs. Realized that I do keep in touch via my blog. Realized that I still enjoy the more intimate way of communicating either by phone or email. Realized that I had missed Skype so much that it may have influenced my decision to hook myself to Facebook. Realized that communications via Facebook, because they can be viewed by virtually millions, do present a threat to my privacy or else, must remain superficial. Admittedly, my blog is a form of revealing myself to the world, but I have to be found first. And comments and email do keep me in touch. But, more than anything, the trite and superficial do annoy me. A lot. How’s that for realizations?

So I’ll unhook myself from Facebook. For the third and last time.

Therefore, please ignore my request for help with Facebook. I shall remain anonymous and it suits me just fine.

A heartfelt “Thank You” to my friend Allison whose email was instrumental in shining the light on this. And thank you to my readers. I appreciate your comments. My last realization is that if one topic interests you, you’ll share with your comments. No comments? Probably it is that indulged in addressing myself to myself only.

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momi yaya said...

I have been on Facebook for a year now and I really enjoyed it until I started a blog. Now I feel more connected with people that I have something in common with such as camping and motorhomes, etc. on my blog. I still have my Facebook page but rarely post on it anymore.

Tesaje said...

I use facebook but limit it to people I actually know in person. I have lots of relatives and get to see a lot more of their pics and doings than I would otherwise. Yes, it is superficial but the way I use it, it fits a personal purpose. I also lock it down to only "friends." My blog is more of a personal journal related to my camper van and as I learn things, might serve as a help to others just as other blogs have helped me so much. In my mind, they serve different purposes and should not cross over. I also avoid "friending" people who just collect "friends."

Sometimes, I read your blog entries and have no comment because I have nothing to say - not because I'm not interested. :-)

Stargazer said...

Thank you Tesaje for your comment. However you may want to present it, I become aware post-publishing when I re-read some posts, that I have indulged like crazy. In other words, I have written to please myself, yet in the hope that it'll be relevant to someone else. Then, I feel sorry for readers who might have expected something more relevant to RV'ing.

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