Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Change of Name Vetoed – Posting Dereliction

I had been wondering whether the name is correct since I am now in a stationary home. But for the sake of continuity, and since I have many other adventures to narrate, I’ll keep it simple. The blog’s name remains, even though I’m no longer boondocking, just blogging.

I have been derelict in posting—my apologies. Besides learning Spanish at an accelerated rate, I had a wee accident. My bum arm will remain forever deficient. So, as I was attempting to change a light bulb in the bathroom from a stepladder and stretched my arm farther than it could, I fell backwards and hit the back of my head HARD on the ceramic floor. After a few moments of blackout, I opened my eyes to Queenie nudging me, her expression one of worry. No blood, just a myriad of stars dancing with each step I took.

I went to my next door neighbour and asked him to drive me to the hospital, just a few blocks down the road. A young man, very solicitous, he offered me his arm to steady me along. Once there, I was checked for a skull fracture, but fortunately it was only a concussion. After a couple of injections and a few hours of observation, the excellent Dr. Rubio sent me home with meds and asked his nurse to drive me home. How’s that for CARE? All it cost me was $600 pesos, or about $50.!!!

Every day that I live in Tequisquiapan, I come to adore my new place. The small private hospital down the road, run very efficiently by Dr. Rubio with the help of other medical staff, is within walking distance (except after a blackout...) There’s even a dentist and a small pharmacy, as well as surgery facilities. Besides, where in the world would a lady be welcomed by her doctor with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek?

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