Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bye bye Tequis and Having Second Thoughts

Just a couple more days packing things that will go to a warehouse in Oaxaca, then cleaning and loading the motor home now parked in front the house and Queenie and I will be on our way. I have checked the route to Oaxaca and was delighted to find out that I’ll avoid the city of Mexico, to my great relief. Apparently, it’s a toll road all the way to Oaxaca! A tad expensive but far more secure as I’ll be avoiding the congestion of the city. I’ll probably cruise to Puebla for a visit and an overnight, then on to Oaxaca.

This afternoon, at the sight of the RV, my Queenie just hopped in, made a beehive to her special co-pilot seat and would not budge. She was obviously happy at the prospect of wider horizons.

On a more sombre note, I have been horrified by the utter devastation and human suffering of biblical proportions following the earthquake in Haiti. These people have lost everything, parents, children, husband, wife, house, personal possessions, clothes, job, absolutely ALL! It surpasses anything I could ever imagine and my heart and prayers go out to the Haitian people. It certainly puts into a different perspective my relatively insignificant troubles, does it not?

It also brings into focus the risk of moving to an area that is subject to natural catastrophes. I had for a while thought of Colima, a city that is beautiful, filled with palm trees, and purported to be the cleanest city for hundreds of miles around. But it is awfully close to an active volcano. So I gave up the idea of courting this kind of risk. Now, I’m having second thoughts about settling down in Oaxaca where earthquakes have occurred before, in fact not so long ago. One registering 6.4 on the Richter scale on 12 February 2008! 

My daughter once asked me “…what in the world scared me”. Not much EXCEPT for natural forces. Most other dangers and risks can be avoided or prevented with a little forethought and intelligent care or prudence. But who can predict when a volcano will erupt or an earthquake crumble all that stands above it and even far beyond the fault line? Haiti’s tragedy is so graphic, it’s food for thought.

So, I’m having second thoughts. Going back for a while to the life of a vagabond. How things can change in the blink of an eye will forever astonish me. Besides, I’m too old to attempt to make all the mistakes on my own. Others’ experiences can teach just as well. . .

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Anonymous said...

So where are you now? I think you could still travel about, and also do long stays in places that intrique you. You would then have the best of both worlds. I sure hope you continue to share your adventures.

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