Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Regalito

Last week around early morning I heard a desperate cry from what I thought was a dog. I looked out and noticed that the neighbour’s dog had his head out through the metal gate and my first thought was that he was stuck. I rushed out and that’s when I noticed a tiny brown lump below Carbon’s head (yep, he would be black as coal). The puppy was pitiable, hollering his little heart out. As I picked it up, I was appalled at how skinny it was, ribs jutting out and skin caving in between them with every breath. I couldn’t leave it out; the morning chill was still in the air. Besides, it was certainly famished.

So. . . I brought the little critter home and foraged for food suitable for such a young one. All I had was kibble for Queenie and a slice of cooked chicken. I crushed the kibble and minced the chicken and  watered all down with lukewarm water and down the hatch it went, the pup inhaling the food in almost frantic desperation.

Later went the search for how it had gotten there. Many surmised that the little one had been abandoned until I noticed a lady who walked daily with a retinue of about 4 or 5 dogs barking their way through the early mornings and late afternoons. I asked her if she knew the little dog, to which she said yes, that it was hers, but I could keep it as a regalito – a little gift. Then she disappeared and never walked back on that road again. Well. . . what to do?

First, I took her to the vet to get her examined and dewormed. She weighed in at 3 kilos or about six and a half pounds. She has a boxer look but with a longer thinner snout. The coloring and markings are definitely boxer mixed with ???. I was very unsure of Queenie’s reaction. I shouldn’t have worried. With her 7 litters, she was accustomed to wee ones and turned out to be very maternal. The dog who stood ready to attack any four-legged that crossed her path? What a stunning revelation!

Anyway, here are a few photos of Queenie and Mindy. Oh, by the way, she picked her name. As had her predecessor. I had kept the collar of a Lhasapoo that I’d kept for 16 years after I’d picked her from the pound. My daughter and I had

tried all kinds of names until we called Mandi and she came trotting towards us, tail wagging. So Mandi it remained. I tried the shortened collar on the pup and called “. . .Mindy” and you guessed it--she reacted immediately to the name and trotted towards me tail wagging furiously. So Mindy it will be. And that’s how a regalito can turn into a new addition to our little family of two. We’re now a threesome.


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