Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Solid but Different Beginning – More Photos

I suppose that I may have gotten overly enthusiastic with taking photos in my thrill over seeing the work progressing steadily. Here are more:



Castillos for both the buttress and columns to come. This is the northwest corner of the lot. I got gravel to cover the dirt as this is the corner where I will boondock for the next year while the house is being built.





To the right: North side of the lot is where the ground was about half a metre lower at one end. The stone base was prepared with three steps to be filled with cement blocks over the buttress so as to have an even topside for the fence. Note the PVC tube sticking out of the cement cover of the septic tank. Once this side of completed, the tube will be cut shorter, an elbow and cover will be added and the lot will be made level all over. The installation will serve to dispose of ‘doggiedo’ into the septic tank. Yep, I’m trying to think of Everything!



To the left: Detail of the buttress over the stone base.

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Glimmer said...

I just adore this blog, your spirit, the fact that you are doing this. I want to do it too. I've been talking to the husband about it for several years. We have a young one, still, but he has two years left before college. And we won't be quite ready then either. But your blog has become part of my planning process.

I decided on Mexico a while back after seeing an article about N. Anerican expats there, in various places. I need to be warm, no. 1. I can handle sweater weather, but have been in the D.C. area after growing up in the deep South and am so over the months and months of freezing. I hate snow. I only want/need a little space to live in and a bit of ground to grow vegetables and fruit. I don't speak spanish and realize I need to start learning. We do both speak some French.

We are former journalists and hopefully will have a small nest egg and the ability to earn a tiny bit via writing as we go along. But we love a simple life, even now.

I'm so happy to have the benefit of your experiences to learn from. I would have believed the RV salesman too and now know to bring an experienced hand with me! I hope you keep posting!

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