Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Final Note on Learning Spanish

I should have been more explicit. Briefly, here is how to access the Spanish lessons at

Click on the above link. You'll have a number of tabs to choose from. The very first tab is LEARN SPANISH. Click on it, then follow the directions to register and choose a user name. Spanishdict will keep track of your progress and this way, you'll have access to many collateral services. And all you'll have to do is enter the site where your URL will be remembered and you'll be in immediately. Then click on where you left off last or choose to do any lessons or access any service you want.

A good way of adding vocabulary is to sign up for the "Word of the Day", which will be emailed to you daily. I have created a file just for it on my email provider and keep all that I get for reference.

Lately, I could not find the translation for a medical expression and appealed to (Hmmm, ok . . .it was bone spurs--which was posted as a question and was answered by a number of people, who incidentally, showed immediate compassion for moi! The Spanish term was espolón óseo. And yes, they are bothersome, but more so painful, as they are in the shoulder joint).

The list of FREE services is too long to list here. Just go for it!

Now, that's about all I have to say about it.

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