Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to the Great White North and a Bummer

Before leaving Mexico, I had checked and re-checked the weather forecast for the next 14 days. It looked quite nice, with daytime weather over the freezing mark and sunshine. Okay!

After a delay of a few hours in Mexico, we reached Vancouver in pouring rain. Fortunately, the flight that had been reserved for a quick connection had also been delayed and I made it to Calgary a tad after 2:30 in the morning. The temperature had dropped to 2 Celsius, or something around 35 Fahrenheit. I had to open my suitcase to dig out warmer covering. Immediately I noticed that my jewellery case had been moved on top of everything and was now gloriously empty, save for a single gold earring that had already been an orphan. All my lovely accoutrements had been stolen. What a bummer!

I will present a claim to Air Canada but the agent hinted that I may never be compensated for any of it. However he added that the airline wanted to be advised, even of such “unsecured” stolen items, and that they took this very “…seriously”. However, not seriously enough to compensate the traveller? Double bummer! I’ll put in a claim anyway.

I was way too tired to have any kind of reaction after more than 20 hours without sleep. We arrived at my son’s and daughter-in-law a bit after 4:30 and all that I could muster was a beeline to the bed.

The next day, which in fact was only hours away, was overcast. I had planned to go the the passport office on the day after my arrival, which turned out to be Friday. The forecast was for 20 cm. of snow over the next two days. Here’s what it looked like on my birthday, Saturday April 2nd.







As wintery as it was, we still all headed out to Red Lobster for a birthday celebration of my 72nd, all three generations and the fourth one well on her way. It’s a girl whose name will be Brianna. I feel quite blessed. I’m a great-grandmother!

I’m relieved to see that today, Sunday, the sun has already melted some of the snow and I expect that in a day or two, it will be all gone.

I do miss my dogs though…


RunNRose said...

Hi. I'm so sorry that your jewelry was apparently stolen! And, what a bummer to have it so cold! Oh, well, at least you had good times to outweigh the bad. May the rest of your trip go well, and may you get back to your dogs with no more mishaps! Rose in TX

Barb said...

Happy 72nd birthday! I hope your jewelry box contained only costume jewelry. I can only say...Karma to the thief, and blessings to you.

Stargazer said...

Sadly it was not costume jewellery. It represented 45 years of gifts from loved ones in gold and silver jewellery, many with precious and semi-precious stones. Irreplaceable at this stage since everything had a high sentimental value. The memories alone will remain...

cruzin2some said...


We have a friend that is here visiting from Calgary and he is enjoying the warm weather. Yesterday we were wearing shorts and t-shirts in Texas
Travel Safe

Elaine said...

I am so sorry about your jewelry. I would feel terrible to have this happen to me. My jewelry also has a wonderful sentemental value as well.
Were you on Air Canada for the whole trip or were you on other airlines as well?
Have a good visit with your family.
Elaine in BC

Em and Brandon said...

Wow! I just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it! I love the way you write, the way you describe things! And I think its so cool that you are living life to the fullest! I would love to follow your blog!

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