Friday, April 20, 2012

The New Nicki–after 10 days


The jury’s out. Nicki may not remain crippled! Actually, I can hardly believe it myself. At first sighting, I thought that she was pretty close to death. But as amazing as it seems, at least to me, it appears as if not only has she learnt to live with her displaced cervical vertebrae, the signs of it have seriously abated. You can judge by yourself by these photos side by side.

Nicki shortly after her arrival                Nicki 10 days laterNicki 001Nicki 013

Now she can move her head up; and from side to side, even if in a somewhat limited fashion, without yelping out in pain. If you’ll notice her front paws, she has begun to fill out and her woebegone expression has been erased from her little face. It’s such a pleasure to watch her chase her squeaky ball and squeeze it to her visible delight, a task that she seems to take quite seriously. Taking her in has been SO rewarding.

This next one is quite graphic. It shows how mangled her throat was. One look at the photo above on the right shows a marked improvement. Her hair has even begun to grow. She’d been so flea bitten that a couple of baths did not completely eradicate the critters. I applied Frontline and they simply disappeared overnight.

Nicki 014

I’m often asked whether I’m nuts adopting yet another dog. There’s only one answer to that question… What’s the alternative? Death is not the hardest outcome to contemplate, but the intense suffering that should lead to it. How could I live with myself if I simply let this tiny creature go her way with such injuries, her paws filled with sandburs, without any prospect of finding shelter, food, or water?

Put yourself in my place…


Sondra said...

Awesome she looks fantastic...IM so happy for people like you who put their money and their heart in the RIGHT Place!!

Tesaje said...

She's another lucky dog to have found you. Is there no humane society to help with unwanted dogs? I hate to see an injured animal too.

Anonymous said...

I keep looking for pictures and info re the rest of your roof.
Suppose it is finished? Understand that Nicki has overshadowed this, but I was really interested in seeing how it turned out!

Stargazer said...

The boveda is not quite finished. It has to be scraped inside and out, then coated with a sealant inside and a slim layer of cement and a coat of sealant outside. The roof over the dining-kitchen is finished and I posted about costs but did not take photos as that roof was a repeat of the bedroom and bathroom ones.

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