Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Final Update-Retiring Both Blogs-my Thanks

I have decided to retire both my blogs. The final update on my house is that the roof is on all the rooms. The boveda required four more “steps” to be over with and Luis is applying the final coat of waterproofing material. The walls inside and out have to be covered with a coat of cement, rustic finish, and will be painted later on. I’ll still have to pour the floors but that will not happen until the fall, at the very least.

My fall in the bus is having more serious consequences than previously assessed. Ribs have been not only been fractured but may be displaced as well. I have a punctured lung. I will need to go to Querétaro for more accurate tests as simple x-rays do not reveal sufficiently for a proper diagnostic. I feel like a freaky zombie with the painkillers and have a hard time thinking straight.

I’m quite busy with three active puppies and three adult ones. I’ll take care of all for as long as I can. There is Protection Civil here and they will pick up unwanted animals. Most will end up being gassed in the most awful room. I simply can’t send Keiko, Mieke, or Nicki to that fate.

Last week a neighbour of Luis dropped by to offer his services for aluminum windows and doors. We engaged in a rather interesting conversation the outcome of which is a shocking realization on my part following his divulging certain things about Mexicans. He said that he’d worked across the border and met with and worked for many Canadians and Americans. He admitted at being surprised of how being truthful was more than important for them, it was essential and expected. He added that his eyes had been “ripped open” by this finding and the ultimate realization that lying was a way of life for most Mexicans. He wondered why it was so. To his mind there was no valid reason for it! Of course, it’s only an opinion. However, his blunt admission shook me to the core.  I had dismissed comments from disgruntled expats as a bad attitude. It brought to light how I’d been getting the run-around when it came to enquiries that always appeared without substantial answers. . .

I have no way to ascertain his allegations. Rightful at times, at others no. I have found wonderful friends here but have been lied to by people of all nationalities and backgrounds. So the jury will have to deliberate much longer on this. Perhaps I’ll have to conclude that such is human nature. This makes me appreciate my animal companions all the more.

I need a rest from construction. I need deep silence and proper reflection about where I’ve been heading. Perhaps a slight diversion from all these material concerns will provide me with answers that seem quite elusive at this time. Do I have regrets from leaving the fulltime RV’ing? No way. Or moving to Mexico? Not at all. Perhaps I’m just immensely tired. I need a more Zen countenance and it also appears elusive.

I thank all my readers and assure you that your participation and comments have brought me deep satisfaction.



Tesaje said...

So sorry to hear of your injuries. I will miss your blog but you do what you need to to heal.

I suppose lying is done more with more societal approval in some places than in others. I do know that we American's in the USA encounter lies a lot. Especially from those who are selling us things or services. It is a life skill to suss out those who are pathological liars from the more honest people. Studies have also shown that the young in the US lie and cheat at a higher rate than was formerly true.

Sad but true that we are not a particularly trustworthy species, overall. Yes, I like the honesty of my dogs and cats too. But they also do some manipulation to get what they want.

Hope you get to feeling better. You can always come back to the blog at a later date if you feel up to it.

Pleinguy said...

I was afraid your fall was more serious than first reported. A punctured lung is not to be taken lightly. Be sure to get the best medical care you can. I hope you have a full recovery.

I too will miss your posts. I've really enjoyed your candid reports sharing your life's struggles and victories. Hope you can report later that your casita progresses toward becoming your new home.

You have a good heart, and I wish you the best. Take care of yourself.

The Good Luck Duck said...

It's been a couple of months, and I do hope you'll pop back on to let us know how you're doing. Physically and spiritually. Disillusionment can be a serious injury, too.

Hope all is well,

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