Saturday, March 12, 2016


OMG Out of curiosity I went to the Comments section (it's a new presentation for me after 3 years of absence) and realized that in the past years I had received more comments than had been published on my blog. It is noteworthy to add that appended to some comments was text that made no sense. ????

AND I should and would have liked to answer some that had never even appeared until today; I found them in a separate section that had not been there before. Where the dickens had they been transmitted? I checked with Google and was advised that not all comments appear below the blog, that I should have checked my Spam box. I am fuming!

I owe sincere apologies to all who should have received a reply from me. I attempted to retrieve some of the comments directly from the blog but if they had been put in Spam by Google, they would have disappeared after a number of days. I'll have to cool myself 'cause smoke is coming out of my nose and ears! 

If anyone has any suggestion about avoiding this kind of #$%@&!! I would appreciate any suggestion.

This is my promise that I will check not only the comments section that appears on the blog but the Spam box as well from this day forward.



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