Sunday, March 7, 2010

Queenie and Mindy

My big girl has been with me for almost two years now and all that I knew of her were about her numerous litters (7) during the first 5 years of her life and her placid temperament. The only exception had been the sight of another dog, which would transport her into fits of malicious intent.

Given this, I felt that I had to approach her with a bit of trepidation with a new puppy in my hands. At first she appeared lethargic, but it soon changed into an obvious interest. Despite my fears, she showed no sign of malice at all. Within a few days, she had grown into the mother that I knew was in her. There were numerous instances of intense sniffing and examining, followed with what I felt was acceptance. But I was still a bit antsy. She’s so big and powerful and the puppy is so tiny.

The relationship was soon to change into something that stunned me. Now, she is reverting to a side that I felt had been wrenched out of her by years of puppy producing. She’s actually playing! 

Mindy is at an age that I would term “Hellion on Four Paws”. So her level of energy and mischief is at an all-time high. Yet Queenie remains her placid self even though at times, she can hardly keep up with the twirling, climbing, dashing about, puppy. When the play gets too intense, all that Queenie does is either place her considerable paw on the puppy and immobilize her for a few seconds with a paw and her deep growl, or gently grab Mindy’s head in her gaping mouth and hold it for a while. Quietness resumes for a short while.

I have been ill with flu and bronchitis for a week and spent most of my time resting or looking at the dogs. I officially conclude that Mindy is a gift to Queenie who finally gets to learn to play. Will get on with photos next week.

Must go, Mindy found the toilet paper and pulled is all off the roll. . .

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