Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seeing Double


No, you’re not seeing double; neither is it a double exposure. Explanations follow.

Last week, around 11:30 at night, I heard a puppy crying in distress together with the bark of a number of dogs apparently giving chase. I went out to check what was going on but it was pitch black without moonlight and after calling to the distressed puppy for a good twenty minutes, I gave up and came back in.

Next day, my neighbour from across the road came to me with a bundle in her arms. I did a double take thinking, “… what is she doing with my puppy in her arms?” until I looked down and saw that Mindy had been inside all the time. As Guadalupe came closer, I noticed how much smaller and skinnier this puppy was compared to Mindy. Lupe said she had found her scratching the soil in her garden looking for a bite to eat. I offered her dry puppy food and she replied that she’d give it to her but then would let her go to fend for herself. My heart went into a major flip flop and I told her I’d take the puppy in. No way this 2 month old puppy could survive by herself. Besides, Mindy had already recognized her sibling. Lupe was nonplussed and told me that I was encouraging neglect and a lackadaisical attitude towards animals, as if I hadn’t already noticed, predicting that I would be swamped with rejects from the neighbourhood. Ni modo, I replied—never mind! I’ll care for both.

And this is how I got Tina and Mindy. Tina is a bit shorter than Mindy but it may have been caused by a serious lack of nutrition. I figure that she’s the runt of the litter and was picked on by litter mates and even bigger dogs. She had a fresh bite wound on the top of her head and another on her jowl.

Queenie had a fit of jealousy when she noticed a few days after Tina’s arrival how the two played together. So now, I have to isolate Tina for a while so that Mindy can have playtime with Queenie. Tina, on the other hand, is very affectionate and Queenie basks in her licks and little bites. Ahhh. . . all is well under the sun.

PICT0018 Tina is on the left, Mindy behind her on the right. Both sleeping the sleep of the just, wouldn’t you say?

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