Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Water Saga - The End

Well, finally it does end. After my first meeting with the Water Commission months ago I went to see the Delegado as instructed. A word of explanation here. The Delegado serves as the representative of the community of Santillan in the greater area of Tequisquiapan. He also represents the Authority as far as bureaucratic requirements are concerned. So, armed with my not insignificant pile of papers, I went to seek his stamp of approval. This to confirm that I am indeed a resident of Santillan and that the area I occupy is legally described and that I am officially entitled to occupy it.

I had it all except for the legal description of the lot with a drawing helping to locate it. That was on the reverse of a form that I had unknowingly filled on one side only. So, back to seek that information from Wayne who had sold me the lot. However, Wayne was away in Texas. Usually, his stays are rather short; 2 to 3 weeks. This time however, he was away ALSO in Alaska and gone for a total of 7 weeks. I had been given a month to get it all. Patience was a must, fretting notwithstanding.

An inspector from the Commission came to visit some weeks later, wondering what was taking me so long. I explained and my explanation was accepted. Finally Wayne was back and immediately supplied me with a paper he had forgotten to give me. I figured I was ready and went to the Delegado's office, which is opened from 6 to 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Except that HE was on vacation but had failed to notify the residents. So faithfully, I and a number of people would line up at his office twice a week hoping to see him. I did this 7 (seven) times) without ever seeing him. More weeks went by. . .

Then, two weeks ago, I was politely summoned back to the Comision Estatal de Agua who had begun to have doubts about my application (and probably my good faith). Again, explanations were furnished and I was sent my way with obvious sympathy and understanding. What a relief! What a country!

So, now we come to the happy ending. Back from his vacation, the Delegado put his seal and signature on the missing form this past week. (He was friendly and absolutely charming!) I took it to the Commission the very next day (last Wednesday) and signed my contract. I will get my connection to the water main next week but will have to run the pipes to my place. Why? This is undeveloped land that has yet to have services. But I love it anyway! Who would have thought that at 71 I would start a new life in a new country and (eventually) in my own house? What an adventure! What learning! (And, it's fun most of the time, as well.)

However, I may have to modify my plans when I think about electricity. . . the office of Comision de Luz is in Queretaro!

I'll probably opt for solar energy.

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