Sunday, August 22, 2010

While in Limbo to Now

First of all, my apologies for not posting anything for most of July and even August. I'll try and make up for it.

The whole month of July has provided me with a learning experience in so many ways. First about the physical. Because of the depleted state of my batteries, I had to use electricity very wisely, if at all. The use of the computer was out for sure, even during the day, because my regulator failed to recharge the batteries. Now that it's the rainy season (not that it rains all that much, but it's overcast) the batteries are often short of a full charge, the veiled sun failing to fully cast rays the rooftop solar panels. If I had not realized how water and sun are mighty precious to my way of life, I do now. So is technology. There's not a day goes by without my thanks and appreciation for all that permits me to still boondock, even after years.

So, on to pioneering ways... To alleviate the dreadfully l o n g  dark evenings, I had bought a whole box of candles and used them at night to read (no... it's not romantic!). Since I was painfully short of books, this gave me an opportunity to re-read the book, "Lessons from the Light" by Kenneth Ring, a couple of times over. Ring is a  pioneer in NDE* research and retired professor from the University of Connecticut. His research into and relating of near-death experiences and what many of those who had gone through had learned from their experience made me realize even more acutely how profound these lessons were. In fact, it appears as if the experience had taught them more about life than about death. Since my take on the subject is that, statistically there is one death per life, clearly I'm heading toward that event. But meanwhile, since I'm very much alive, I might apply myself to the wise use of these lessons.

Getting to the NOW, I'd missed surfing the net and getting emails, the news, etc. I must admit to neglecting some chores just to spend time enjoying the internet and the computer. Wanting to check up on Kenneth Ring, I followed a number of links and eventually ended up on NDERF, a research foundation where those who had experienced death and returned from it had a chance to relate their experience. There were HUNDREDS of them, if not THOUSANDS!!!!! One, in particular struck me powerfully. Anita was 36 hours from certain death. Her experience offered her the choice-- life or death. Obviously, she opted for life and as a result, was cured of a terminal disease, miraculously. What a powerful message she has for us who still have a few good years before the inevitable!

*Near-Death Experiences

(For those who might be interested, here's the link).

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