Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maintenance Woes

As full time rv'rs are well aware of, maintenance is of the utmost importance for a quality of life--and also to avoid catastrophes. Ever since I've been boondocking on my lot, I haven't had the luxury of air conditioning or doing my laundry in my new washer. My generator, normally a pretty fantastic workhorse, is also the size of a small horse, and probably weighs as much. It fits in a dedicated cubbyhole that is barely adequate. As a result, the carburetor had not been tenderly attended to for lack of accessibility to the part. It reminded me of Shermie and a remark I'd heard from another VW owner. " change the air filter, first remove the engine..."

In past posts, I related how the husband of a friend set the generator on fire. Since then, I've been looking for a qualified technician who, it was hoped, also had access to Honda parts--not a given in a smaller town such as Tequis.  I'd been given a number of references and checked them all. No such luck in Tequisquiapan. I'd heard of one in San Juan del Rio, but the gentleman was neither available nor accessible. Perhaps gone out of business? Never found out. Meanwhile, life went on.

Finally, I ended up going to Ezequiel Montes last week, a rather torturous affair. Santillan is smack between Tequisquiapan and Ezequiel Montes but public transportation offered only the option of first heading back to Tequis, then hopping on a bus to Ezequiel Montes, which more than doubled up on itself. It's as if from B, one has to head back to A, then go forward to C, passing again right by B. I'm out of breath just thinking and writing about it...

But I found my elusive technician! And joy of all joys, he has access to Honda parts! He was scheduled to come Thursday or Friday, but could not make it. Then we tried for yesterday, Saturday, but he could not make it. He'll be here tomorrow with a helper, a jack, the parts needed, and a lot of good will (I hope).

As an Aries, I have to admit that patience is not one of my most outstanding virtues (but I do have a few others). Perhaps living in Mexico might accomplish the task that my mom held close at heart, to teach me PATIENCE. I'm getting so much practice now that I'll master the #$@%&! thing!!!

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