Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Apologies to my Readers

Just so you know, I have no control over what gets sent and when. I usually compose my posts on Windows Live Writer and when I'm satisfied, just click to publish.

However, in my last post about llamaradas, I realized when I checked my blog today that I had made a mistake; my keyboard keys are sticky and sometimes, what I type doesn't show up. So I made the correction directly in the blog. Once again, this second time, I made a mistake and had to go back to remove one of the l's in llamarada. Arghhh....!!!

Then, a friend called me and asked why I had sent my last post so many times. I had not realized that once I publish a post, it gets sent to all those who follow my blog the very moment it's published. MY SINCERE APOLOGIES if you received multiple notifications. I promise it won't happen again. If I make a mistake, it will stay for all posterity...

1 comment:

Barb said...

Thank your for an interesting post - I didn't realize each edit caused a post to appear again and again to our followers as if it was a NEW post. I sometimes find little things in my posts and make corrections. Probably driving my followers crazy, and I didn't even know it. Live and Learn!

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