Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Telcel (again…) and a Video


I went to Telcel yesterday determined to get the question of broadband resolved to my satisfaction. After a few minutes explaining that I KNEW that my broadband connection had been tampered with now for the past 5 to 6 months, the engineer was called.

I impressed upon him that I was aware that Telcel was intentionally blocking users of Vonage and Skype from using their VoIP services. I mentioned that a Speed Test had revealed that my download was a meagre 0.11 Mbps, same for uploading. Consistently. It’s as if I was back to using dial-up!

Thanks to a reader from Guaymas, I had also come to understand that my region had not been the only one targeted but that it was most likely an “epidemic” Mexico-wide dating back to 2005, if not longer. And that I was also aware that instead of a fast broadband connection with few interferences, downloading and uploading was effected in packets with a pause in between, rendering watching a video the worst exercise in frustration and patience. I had once calculated that for a video of 2.11 minutes, I had to wait on Pause for 35 minutes. Quite maddening!

The engineer whispered that Telcel was indeed putting restrictions on their broadband users for those who were also using Skype and Vonage, and probably any other VoIP service.

Since my contract was renewable in August, I insisted that I was NOT receiving the service for which I was paying and that since I had had to cancel my Skype account, they could indeed check that I was no longer using it. I INSISTED THAT I WANTED THE SERVICE FOR WHICH I WAS PAYING!

This morning, joy and jubilation! I was able to watch Mark Vincent’s audition singing Nessun Dorma. Amazing! And this video that I’m sharing with you just because it’s so much fun!


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Anonymous said...

Stargazer! You go girl! Reminds me of the Tom Petty song I was listening to yesterday ("I Won't Back Down!")You make me proud to be a woman.

Thank you for the video. What talent.

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