Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back in the Saddle


After a hiatus of two weeks during which all I had to do was fight a virus, not mine, but my computer’s (and it would be 3 or 4 of the beastly critters) it feels good to get down to essentials. The rainy season is REALLY here. Last year it was a most considerate season in which it rained at night and was sunny during the day. Not so this year. It even hailed in Tequis last night!

Just a little aside about seasons here. The summer as we conceive it up North occurs here from March to May. I call them the mmm…. months. Enjoyable, sunny, and warm with cooler nights to enjoy a restful sleep. The rainy season feels more like the autumn up North with decidedly cooler nights (down into the 50’s) and precipitation. But how everything turns bright green! This morning I had to go to Tequis and was with my friend Yvonne. I remarked how we were literally right IN the clouds. Everything had an other-worldly quality of suffused light with mountains appearing like the Christmas cards for children when, as you open them up, one row of the scenery after another attempts to create a three-dimensional image. No harsh edges, just curvy delicious contours. It had an almost dreamlike quality. Yvonne said that it reminded her of Switzerland.

My timing in taking photos is abysmal. However, take it for granted that the mamposteo (foundation) is FINISHED! I’ll get ready tomorrow as soon as a ray of sunshine shows its trembling face and snap as many photos as I can. However, a small glitch. Whenever is there a situation in life when there are no glitches???? Excavating down to the tepetate level was much deeper than foreseen. Now I had to face attempting to raise the corners of the foundation between 50 cm. to 1 m. so as to reduce the need for castillos so high up that the costs would be prohibitive.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, the photos will show what I’m attempting to explain. I’ll also have the costs involved.

I count myself very lucky that I can have Marcelino and Jorge two weeks per month, as there is no way that I could afford two workers full time.

This is a post just to say, “It’s good to be back!”

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