Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glitches Galore


Far from me to complain, but doesn’t it seem that at times one glitch begins a domino effect? A bit like losing a clasp on a pearl necklace and seeing all the pearls follow down the way of the ill-fated clasp…

Well. First glitch. Let me start with 3 or 4 viruses on my computer. I had temporarily lowered my firewall and consumed as I was with all things construction, neglected to put it up after downloading what I wanted at the time. I can’t even remember what it was that had seemed so important! So mechanical Einstein here did prevent me from doing anything of import on the internet. It was all quite maddening. Nothing more to do than take it to the computer doctor to get proper medicine. It did take a few days.

Now that I had my computer up and running, I got ready to take some pictures. Marcelino and Jorge were here last week and I had been all gung-ho witnessing how they were advancing. But…more glitches put up their mean ugly faces. Rain (even hail in Tequis—a definite rarity here!) got in the way. Let me state that this year’s rainy season has been a minute-by-minute happening. One definite glitch in planning.

Then, I got in need of TLC. I’m grateful for my good health-even factoring in ageing-so I can’t really complain. But I have been accident-prone since my youth. Immoveable objects insist on getting in my way, especially in the dark. Such was a stone that my unsuspecting foot encountered. The result was my falling forward to forcibly kiss the ground. I couldn’t use my arms for 3 days on account of the pain.

Finally, I was ready to tackle my blog this past Sunday, only to find out that Telcel had cut off my internet service! Saturday and Sunday banks were closed and it was the only way that I could pay my bill. I figured that one day late if I paid on Monday wouldn’t matter that much. It did.  My cut-off date is the last day of the month and I usually work well around that deadline. This time though, I wrongly assumed that with banks closed on the weekend, Telcel would grant some leeway. Wrong! To re-instate my service, I had to go to San Juan del Rio. All of this robbed me of time and $$ that were already in short supply.

I will have to postpone going through the many obstacles that found their way to moi. Suffice it to say that after being forced to stay away from my computer while it was at the shop, followed with being cut off from the internet, and then being forced to immobility on account of the pain, some further events brought me to a complete halt until today. I had to resolve these issues and some brought me a measure of despair, I will humbly admit. But this will be the subject of another post for elaboration.

I recall that another full-timer got some financial help through PayPal by asking for it on his blog, as well as posting AdSense. I had asked him when he was in Tequis to help me with AdSense, but got a flat refusal. Oh, well…

As the saying goes, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

That’s what I’ve done and will keep on doing.

Please excuse me for not being my usual sunny self…

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Pleinguy said...

Oh dear! So sorry to hear of your difficulties. I hope you are feeling better and on the mend. Looking forward to your next construction report. I will write to you about using AdSense sometime this weekend.

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