Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Magic and Power of Water


Back when I was in the Seniors apartment, I had access to a wonderful public library a stone’s throw away and I took advantage of it. I have always been interested in all kinds of topics and when I came across a new one, I read avidly about it. There is a public library in Tequisquiapan but my command of Spanish is not equal to either French or English. Topics that would interest me are therefore, for the moment, out of bounds of intelligent comprehension. So you can only imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered that interviews and documentaries existed on the internet on topics of interest.

One of these, which fascinated me then, and does now, is the study that Dr. Masaru Emoto made of water. To put it in a gist, he found that water had the ability to respond to thoughts, even written words, that were directed toward it. It would take too much time to write about it all. Besides, there are several representations of his findings, all compelling. If you have the tendency to think out of the box, you will appreciate Dr. Emoto’s work.

I would have liked to include the video but there are four parts, all equally remarkable.

My connection to the net is via Telcel wireless and is, even at the best of time, quite iffy, fluctuating so that I often have to wait 20 minutes to view a 2 minute video. There is also the fact that my source of electric power is via solar energy, best available during daylight hours.

I would welcome your comments after you have viewed the video(s).

I originally posted this to my other blog, but IMHO it is of interest to anyone who drinks and uses water.

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