Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Posting Comments


I have been notified that readers cannot leave comments on my Boondocking Blogger and that if I  change the format to a pop-up window, the problem should be fixed. In the settings section I had opted for an embedded window at the bottom. It had worked up to recently. When I go to Archiving- then to Post Pages, even though it has always been enabled, which is required to embed a comment window at the bottom, I find that on my Metaphysical Musings, the Yes or No window is correctly highlighted to YES. In my Boondocking Blogger, the window for Post Pages, shows a pale Yes but I cannot click on it, and it is faded instead of bold.

If anyone has an answer to this, please help. Why are my settings kept on one blog and not on the other? I thought that settings are usually set up for all blogs published by the same person. Again, if anyone has an answer to this question, I’d welcome it.

Thanks to Levonne for the suggestion. But unfortunately, it failed to work for me.

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